Mrs Dorgan Asks Does Poke Means Sex thing In Facebook, Jimmy Kimmel Edits Testifying Mark Zuckerberg

Jimmy Kimmel edits Facebook Co-Founder Testimony with far more better questions from Senators. And, the role-played as Mrs. Dorgan completely nailed it.


Most believe Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress member was somewhat already funny itself. And late-night host Jimmy Kimmel had to work harder enough to make it more hilarious.


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The Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday show on Tuesday was an edited version of Facebook Co-founder hearing that included funny questions than actual proceeding did.

Talking about Zuckerberg case, he is facing a 2-day congressional inquisition on Cambridge Analytical links in Trump Campaign that collected information from 87 million FB users. His 5 hours testimony was over this Tuesday.

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Assuming how the six hours have been passed Jimmy Kimmel released his show in a more fun way.

The fake senator Mrs. Dorgan completely grilled Zuckerberg on social media taboos when she asked: “If someone pokes me, is that a sex thing?”

In Jimmy’s spoof, a Senators was desperate to know if anybody can view if he send a picture to his intern and another wants to know “Is it mad basic to post a selfie of your feet while on vacation?”

In fact, the entire episodes and its questions were designed so better that nobody can stop laughing.