Miranda Cosgrove's Net Worth and Properties from Her Music Career

March 16, 2018
First Published On: March 16, 2018
by Ryan Lee

If you remember the show Icarly, Drake and Josh, then you must be familiar with the name Miranda Cosgrove.The American singer, actress, and songwriter is famous for her aptitude to make anything happen. She has won the heart of millions of people by her singing and her acting and they are eager to know about Cosgrove net worth.

Today we will be discussing Cosgrove net worth status and how much he earns? So, stay with us to know about Miranda Cosgrove professional life.

Miranda Cosgrove's Net Worth

The singer and actress Cosgrove has an estimated net worth of $7 to $8 million. She has earned her net worth from her acting career and film roles for many hits like School of Rock, Your's Mine, and Ours, Keeping Up With the Steins and as a voice actress in the animated film Despicable Me. 

CAPTION: Miranda Cosgrove
SOURCE: Bornrich

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She earned $180000 per episode as salary.  She rose her career at the age of 3. In 2005, Her debut television role was in the pilot for Smallville. After that, she got smashing success from the movie School of Rock and gain a gross of $131,282,949 all over the world.

Cosgrove has an album named "Sparks Fly". The album has sold an estimated 500,000 copies worldwide till this date. She also recorded the theme song for iCarly "Leave It All To Me" which peaked at number one on Billboard Hot 100. Apart from that Cosgrove has recorded hit singles like: Stay my baby, Dancing crazy, Kissing U and many more. 

Miranda Cosgrove's House

The multi-talented actress lives in the beautiful house in Los Angles. The recent cost of the price is $2.4 million. The house consists of a beautiful swimming Pool and a Jacuzzi.

CAPTION: Miranda Cosgrove House
SOURCE: Not Just Rich!

Also, the star has spent her fortune wisely to buy a home in the Hollywood Hills. She has spent huge money on a house which is around $2.65 million. 

Miranda Cosgrove's Car

The actress is also interested in driving a luxurious car. We can say that she has got a quite good taste.

CAPTION: Miranda Cosgrove Car
SOURCE: Zimbio

And has brought a Camaro which is manufactured by Chevrolet at the price of $65000 for her daily drive.

Miranda Cosgrove's Career and Achievements

In  2001 Cosgrove started her career but was able to bag some major roles only after the year 2007. Her performance as Megan Parker in 'Summer Hathaway' and  'Drake and Josh' in School of Rock gained her immense recognition.

In 2007, Cosgrove also started her musical career. She sang her own song on her own show which was a major hit amongst the crowds. Her radio-friendly pop-sound made her a teen idol.

Youtube: Miranda Cosgrove Singing iCarly Theme

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Sparks Fly was the debut solo album which brought her a lot of fame. The Starlet was highlighted in shows like Big time Rush and Zoe 101. She talent also made her gain small roles in shows like Grounded for life and Unfabulous.

However, her career faced a stumbling block when she met with an accident in 2001. Lastly, the actor has been recognized with many awards like The Active Inspire Awards and The beast TV actress award for comedy.