Model Kayleigh Pearson, age 30, shares what qualities she wants in her boyfriend or future husband

February 16, 2016
First published on:February 16, 2016
by HitBerry

The world renowned English model has finally talked about the qualities she wants to see in her boyfriend and future husband must have. The actress who keeps her personal life away from the glamour has finally spoken out in public. The blonde model who has been known for dating many famous celebrities talks about character she wants in her future beau.

According to sources the very hot and sexy model even at the age of thirty is a very down to earth person and she has said according to our sources that her future boyfriend who may even be her future husband does not have to be someone who is famous and rich neither does he have to be celebrity.

She also added according to sources a common man would be great and wants to have a normal life. Sources also add that she went to add a various other qualities such as he has to be loving, caring, trustworthy etc. but the one must have quality is that he has to be a family man. Caring and loving not only her but even her family. She is reportedly wants a family man according to sources.

The model added according to our sources that she thinks she has reached an age where she would like to take things differently and slowing and has been thinking of settling down. She has thought about garroting married. She has remained away from the dating world for quite a time. According to sources she is looking to get back now and has been seeing a few men.

Kayleigh Emma Pearson was born on the 25th of June 1958 in Bath; the famous English model is remembered for winning the FHM’s second High Street Honey Competition in 2003. Since she was born in Bath, Somerset her parents named her after the Marillion song ‘Kayleigh’ when it was in the charts in 1985 during the birth of Emma.

According to sources her mother reportedly heard the song on the radio while after giving birth to her while still in the hospital. She was raised in Bewdley and she attended Bewdley High School and studied sports and studied science at the University of Worcester. She is qualified and an enthusiastic gymnast. She also went on to teach gymnastic at a tender age of 11 and qualified to run her own gym.

Pearson won the FHM’s High Street Honeys competition in 2003. It is said that her audition photo had originally been taken to send to her then boyfriend who was a soldier stationed in Iraq to boost his moral. She was voted in FHM’s list of 100 Sexiest Women in 2004 (28), 2005(56), 2006(67) and 2007 (67).

She also went to release two songs out of which one featured in the top charts as No.7.

The model is currently estimated at a net worth of 1 million US Dollars.

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