Model Jo Guest, age 43, shares her opinion on married life and dating

HitBerryPublished on   16 Feb, 2016Updated on   07 Mar, 2018

Famous page 3 girl, Jo Guest hasn't been heard from in quite a while. The model, who was once a big name in England, with her appearances in British "top shelf" magazines like Mayfair, Escort, Razzie and Men's World has slowly faded away from the modeling world and the public.


Page 3 girl Jo Guest

The model who has even appeared in a video for Playboy started her career when she was taking classes at a local college. She started in modeling after she saw an advertisement while on a catering course at her local college.

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The guest even worked as a host for the Cable/Satellite channel Men and Motors. However, in the past few years, she has dropped off the face of Earth.

Jo Guest Mystery Illness

The model was last heard from when she suffered from a mysterious illness. The condition, which remained undiagnosed for more than a year troubled her a lot. It left her constantly nauseated with a swollen stomach.

Before doctors diagnosed her conditions as Fibromyalgia, she talked about her illness and how it had affected her. On January 2008, she talked about her illness and how much it troubled her on a live Television show, This morning.

She said:

“Why would any man want to have sex with me now? I feel so unattractive and I’ve got this horrible belly."

She added:

"I used to love wearing sexy clothes and short skirts, but I don’t enjoy dressing up anymore. The spark has gone out of life. It’s hard to feel good about yourself or like a sexy woman when you feel so ill."

However,  she stayed optimistic about her condition, saying, “But I am positive about it. I really believe I am going to get better. I will not give up. I really think the doctors will find out what is wrong and give me a magic pill to pop to make everything better."

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Guest, who also said that the illness ended her career, added  “And when I am better I would love to do another Daily Star photoshoot. It’s my dream to be on Page 3 again.”

The model also said that her husband had been supporting her through her illness and was the only reason that kept her going,  He had been a source of inspiration to her.

Guest has been with her husband ever since she started her modeling career. The then 35-year-old model also added that one of the best things she did in her life was marrying him.