Tamron Hall slams Donald Trump supporter Scott Baio over Hilary Clinton and Michelle Obama Meme

Tamron Hall, who was recently in the news due to her love life is taking rounds of the news again. Yes, she is a part of media house and that is bound to happen in her life, but this time the lady whose age is 45 years was on FIRE. She was literally on a roll to set Scott Baio straight on her show.But can’t blame Tamron either, Scott has brought this upon himself.

The reason for this outburst of Tamron Hall on national television are the rather shameful tweets of Scott which was directed to Hillary Clinton just because she does not have the same political views as his. God's sake they come from a totally different political background- Hillary is a Democratic just so you know.

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Apparently, Tamron Hall and Scott Baio were talking about his speech at Republican National Convention where the MSNBC reporter interrogated him about his political views expressed at the convention in Cleaveland.

Tamron then directed him towards the tweets he had previously posted of Hillary Clinton that was pretty offensive and she took the opportunity to ask his view on that. Not just that, seemingly, Scott has done this way back in 2010 as well where he targeted the first lady Michelle Obama with a similar derogatory meme. All of this definitely did not go well with Tamron and when she tried checking his Twitter account she found herself blocked, which Scott very conveniently passed it as just a mistake. Undoubtedly a way to make someone angry and Scott even a trump card could not save you from the lady's wrath.

Tamron lost her cool on all the snide remarks Scott had been making about the ladies around and questioned him if this is what he meant by changing America back again (in his RNC speech)and well the lady expressed very clearly with her questions that she was utterly disappointed along with being super mad at Scott who kept defending himself all the time.

Tamron Hall and Scott Baio twitter debacle

In a world of social media, there is really no need to go to the battlefield to start a fight. Not at all and after such a fight on national television, Scott Bai definitely has some vendetta against Tamron now. Why, not? She literally pulled off his pants in front of everyone and now Scott is in full mood to get a public apology.

Scott unblocked Tamron soon after the interviewing correcting his “mistake” and then took on to his account to tag her in every single tweet that associates with the confrontation that happened in the media house.

Defending his action and safeguarding all his statements he has been tweeting to Tamron Hall for a public apology and retweeting all that his followers have sent him in support of his act that involved first lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama too. Even justifying Melana Trump’s plagiarized speech by posting pictures which show that- everyone does it. Hmmm.

However, Tamron Hall seems to be least bothered by it and has been using her Twitter account to do everything but reply his tweets. The lady just doesn't care hmm, she thrashed him to set him straight and just let it go. Time to move on it seems Scott.