Melania Trump Supportive To President Trump Despite Amid Affairs And The Photo Proves it

Melania Trump looks supportive wife despite President Trump’s scandalous behavior and her recent snap is the proof. 


Currently, Donald Trump is facing allegation from an adult movie star, a reality TV star and a playboy model.

Don Lemon said “President Trump facing lawsuits tonight from three women; a porn star, a reality TV star and a Playboy model.” He continues three different cases over his alleged relationship with three different women.”

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“I mean, this is where we are right now,” he said ending the talk.

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But things with first lady Melania Trump has never changed a bit since she moved to husband Trump at White House, Washington D.C.  

On June 12, 2017, Melania Trump joined President Trump in the halfway through his first year in the office.  She expressed her excitement via Twitter.

“Looking forward to the memories we’ll make in our new home! #Movingday” Melania Trump confirmed with a photo taken from one of the windows in the Whitehouse.

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Since First Lady approached Whitehouse, Trump has jumped him into one after other controversial affair but she has never spoken a word against him. She supports President every decision as she clearly knows personal life directly affect public decision when one's husband stands to be the president of the country.

Most of the people around the world are concerned about their married life. How is Melania possible to manage her marriage despite wide amid affair? The answer is simple; both know this current situation is against them so they have to support each other and mostly wife Melanie.

"Greeting @ Whitehouse," says Melania Trump on her Twitter.

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A recent tweet from Melania reveals everything is going fine between their married life and the smiles of the couple prove it. In the snap, they are seen holding one another hand with the glowing face.