Martha MacCulum Cape Cod house, Know the Structure and Material used in cape Code House

Fox News personality Martha MacCallum recently bought a Cape Cod House and remodeled some of its aspects showing her fans her talents of interior and remodeling. But, why did she bought an old house in the countryside? Well, the answer is simple, she wanted to connect with nature and to give her family the sweetest gift to remember throughout their lives.

City life, a beautiful apartment with everything that you ever desired; Yes! living in the city is easy. But, nature eagerly calls all of us every single day to get a dream house in a countryside like Fox news anchor Martha MacCallum owns. A home beside a lake with chanting birds and natural greenery is actually a good place to spend quality time with the family.

Know about the Structure and Material used in Martha MacCallum Cape Code House

Here is a glimpse of Martha’s Shingled Colonial house from where you can pick some ideas on remodeling your own house along with some genuine ideas on painting and giving your old house a new feel.

MacCallum recently bought a 1960s home in Chatham, Massachusetts which has an excellent Ouster Pond view. Why was the location so close to her heart? Well, the answer to this is, she was born and raised there and her parents to live nearby. She had an eye on the location for a long time but as it is said, you can’t get things before time.


Who helped MacCallum in the remodeling her Cape Cod House?

The Fox news anchor with the help of her interior designer friend, Michael Maher remodeled the house within three months and made it look completely different.

In an interview with a tabloid she said:

All it needed was a color. A lot of beach houses are really natural, but I like when the the color of the nature

Yellow green Blues explodes inside

Martha's Living area and Beach Theme

Well, there were replacement options and for a successful journalist like Martha, it was not a big deal to spend a couple of dollars on buying stuff. However, instead of buying them she opted for fabrication and painting old stuff to give it an elegant look.

[ CAPTION: Living Room ]

The living room is now painted yellow and is decorated with sailboat photos giving her beach house a Cape Cod vibe. The hallways are neat and the staircase is painted white.

Martha MacCallum’s master bedroom

MacCallum’s master bedroom is also neatly colored in the mixture of blue and white paint. Moving towards her bed, we can find pillows that have lattice-work done on it.

[ CAPTION: Bedroom ]

Her storage space consists of wicker chairs which fall among the item she recently bought to add to her newly remodeled home.

The hallway gives an old rusty feel with wooden walls left unpainted and has pennants won by their kids in sailing competitions. The hallway gives a sea fun feel to everyone.

[ CAPTION: Kitchen ]

The whole home is given a styling and theme, as the 60’s design in itself makes the home look special.

[ CAPTION: Martha MacCallum's boy's room ][ SOURCE: Country Living Magazine ]

Coming towards the boy’s room you can find that its dorm themed with iron beds and anchor print frames.

[ CAPTION: Martha MacCallum's girls room ][ SOURCE: Country Living Magazine ]

Her daughters’ room is painted vibrant turquoise. The sunroom has Frontage’s wicker set furniture and has amazing Cape Cod view. Sure enough to capture the morning rays and view of the great wide open.