Fox News hottie Martha MacCallum's family life is a bliss with husband Daniel John Gregory and children

The beautiful and talented Martha MacCallum is very much popular for her work as an American news anchor for Fox News Channel.


She is undoubtedly one of a gorgeous ladies who appear on the screen who is around 50. 

Martha MacCallum still has the same charm and pretty looks and it seems like she has just started fresh in the channel. She is not only having a successful career but also a great matrimonial life. 

The New Jersey native who tied the knot in 1992 is having a wonderful married life since then.

Martha MacCallum and her husband Daniel John GregoryMartha MacCallum and her husband Daniel John Gregory

Married life of Martha MacCallum, her husband, and children

Martha MacCallum on twitterMartha MacCallum on twitter


Martha MacCallum married Daniel John Gregory on 22nd August 1992. They got married in Upper Montclair, New Jersey at St.Elizabeth's Church. 

Despite this couple busy schedule, they have not allowed their work to come between their love. They have has been flourishing their love since they met. 

Martha with her son Harry in 'Cooking with friends'Martha with her son Harry in 'Cooking with friends'

Martha MacCallum and her husband Daniel John Gregory have three children, Harry MacCallum Gregory, Elizabeth Bowes Gregory and Edward Reed Gregory. Daniel John Gregory is the Vice President of Gregory Packaging Incorporation.

Divorce Rumor of Martha MacCallum and Daniel John Gregory

Martha MacCallumMartha MacCallum

A few years ago there was a rumor of this couple getting divorced. People assumed that they were getting separated as Daniel John was not seen in many of the auspicious family occasion.

People were very much curious to know the actual thing going on in their life, later Martha MacCallum was seen with a ring on her finger. Even though things didn’t go well just for a certain time this couple came together even stronger and are still together.

There was nothing that could be said about this issue but later everything came on the right side.

Martha MacCallum is very much active on social sites. If we follow her where she has clearly depicted how much her husband and children mean to her.

Martha MacCallum shared many pictures of her husband and children showing her love and affection.