Love is in the air; Taylor Swift wears Boyfriend Joe Alwyn around her neck in One-Take “Delicate” Video

Just after two weeks, Taylor Swift released the original video for the song “Delicate,” Swift is now sharing another visual accompaniment for her “Reputation” hit flaunting her "J" necklace.


In the latest footage premiering exclusively on Spotify at midnight Friday, 28 years old singer films the video in a single take and belts out the lyrics to her song in a wooded area.

We all know that Taylor Swift is known for creating songs about her relationship affairs. And now, in the recent footage of “Delicate,” she gives the nod to her actor boyfriend, Joe Alwyn and points out the necklace which has the initial “J” on it. She has worn the necklace since the summer.

Her previous song “Call It What You Want” and “Gorgeous” gave a sneak-peek to the couple’s private world and were inspired by Alwyn. These songs reflect that Swift is undoubtedly happier than ever in her personal life.

“Delicate” seems to have been inspired by the start of their relationship just like “Gorgeous” when the duo was first rumored to meet in 2017 Met Ball.

Taylor Swift announced the second “Delicate” video just an hour after it was released on Spotify while rehearsing for her Reputation tour that kicks off on May 8 in Glendale, Arizona.