Kylie Jenner Reveals The Special New $450 Ring Secret

Kylie Jenner tells the special new $450 ring on her wedding figure is dedicated to boyfriend Travis Scott and to her BFF.


Kylie’s fans are always interested in her fashion and selfies. But looking at her recent months, she has been hiding secrets when it comes to her ornaments.

Surprising this Wednesday night was different than rest of the days when she revealed her wedding figure ring carrying initials JW.

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CAPTION: Kylie Jenner Reveals The Special New $450 Ring Secret SOURCE: snapchat

Kylie Jenner wedding finger bear initials of her boyfriend. In other words, the JW rings tell the wedding bells are about to ring. Travis Scott was originally born as Jacques Webster.

“Jacques Webster & Jordyn Wood. Real Ones, Ok” she captioned in the post.

The new mom ended the wedding rumors and has opened up on Snapchat from Wednesday showing the Jewelry. Pulling aside the ring the pair is happy with the arrival of the adorable baby Stormi Webster.

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my angel baby is 1 month old today

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After welcoming the baby girl Travis & Kylie were cut on their first outing. They finally found time for each other. They have spotted boating and cuddling together and trying to keep it low key as possible. When she leaves Miami a dark mark was seen on her face and she was trying to cover it with a grey hoodie.  

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According to a source, new parent JW and Jenner are happy and the baby girl has made the relationship stronger.