Know Zoie Burgher's Net Worth and Earnings from her Professional Career; Her Popularity on Social Media

Getting famous with the internet has become a plaything for many people. Likewise, the model Zoie Burgher has also made the internet a plaything. As she is gaining popularity on the internet via her YouTube and other sites, she should be making a fortune for herself as she is earning a good sum of money.


In recent years, YouTube has made its way to make itself one of the tops visited websites of the world. As its popularity has increased, many actors, singers, and other stars have made this site an advertising medium. Same like that, Zoie Burgher has also made herself famous and wealthy with the help of the YouTube. Let’s have a look at her earnings and her popularity on YouTube and such other social media sites.

Zoie Burgher’s Net Worth and Sources of Income

Zoie Burgher is a model, a YouTube star, and a CEO of her own company, Luxe House. The model turned YouTuber earns more from her YouTube videos rather than from her modeling career.

If you are wondering how much money the model has accumulated, then, to tell you the truth, she is halfway along the road to becoming a millionaire. If you didn’t get the gist of it, then Zoie Burgher's net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. Wondering how she earned the huge amount?

CAPTION: Zoie Burgher SOURCE: Instagram

Zoie Burgher started her career as a fitness instructor. Since it was not enough for her, she entered into the field of modeling. As time passed by, she also gained access to the internet world and started her own YouTube channel where she posts gaming videos with very little clothing on.

CAPTION: Zoie Burgher SOURCE: Instagram

Apart from that, she is also on Patreon and has 121 patrons in it. It’s a site where she charges her fans for exclusive photoshoot pictures and Snapchat adds.

It also awards its fans the entry to her Snapchat account where she posts personalized nude photos and boudoir pictures. If you don't know what boudoir is then, it's just a woman's private room. There’s a Secret Super Tier where fans should pay a $1000 per post. Similarly, there are other offers ranging from a mere $50 to $1000. 

Zoie Burgher’s Lavish Lifestyle

We all know that Zoie is a model, don't we? So being a model, the most important part of them is makeup. They must have to look beautiful. As like other models, Zoie also prefers to apply lots of makeup to her face. And we all know how costly it is.

CAPTION: Zoie Burgher showing her makeup SOURCE: Instagram

Zoie prefers to keep herself in shape due to which she has become a regular at the gym. Not only that, she also used to be a fitness trainer in her past. We all know how costly taking a diet is. Taking a regular diet and going to the gym regularly, is not so cheap. If you have the knowledge of what it costs, then you should know how much costly it is.

CAPTION: Zoie Burgher taking a selfie with her boyfriend in gym hall SOURCE: Instagram

Not only that, being such a beautiful lady she also must have someone special in her life, don’t you think so too? Well if you have followed her on her Instagram Profiles, then you should have noticed a guy behind her; with her. That guy is her boyfriend. He is D'Angelo Taylor.

He is the Chief Financial Officer of the Luxe Gaming. Well, if we look into her Instagram posts then we can see several pictures of the couple enjoying together and go on dates.

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CAPTION: Zoie Burgher with her boyfriend for dinner date SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Zoie Burgher with her boyfriend SOURCE: Instagram

The couple is seen enjoying their vacation in different places. Also, find them going on romantic dinner dates. 

Zoie Burgher’s Gadgets

Talking about the gadgets Zoie uses, she seems to be a fan of the new iPhone. If you look into her Instagram posts, then you will see a lot of selfies of hers through the iPhone 8.

As she is a frequent YouTube and Twitch user, she possesses some high-quality photography accessories. In one of the pictures below, you will be able to see a 7D Canon DSLR Camera. If you are a camera enthusiast, the price of DSLR costs over $1,699.00.

CAPTION: Zoie Burgher taking mirror selfie with her iPhone 8 SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Zoie Burgher showing cannon camera SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Zoie Burgher and her boyfriend flying drone SOURCE: Instagram

Besides all these gadgets, she also seems to enjoy the modern technologies. Just above is a picture of her flying drone with her boyfriend, D'Angelo. 

Zoie Burgher’s Popularity on Social Media

Being popular through social media is not everyone's cup of tea. Zoie Burgher is one such person who is getting famous day by day after she started her career as a YouTuber. She used to post her gaming videos as well as other videos. Although it has not been a long time that she had started to post on her YouTube, she has 1.5 million viewers.

CAPTION: Zoie Burgher YouTube profile SOURCE: YouTube
CAPTION: Zoie Burgher Instagram profile SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Zoie Burgher Twitter profile SOURCE: Twitter

Even on other sites, such as Twitter and Instagram she has a huge number of followers. Having millions of followers on YouTube and other sites, it’s obvious, that she is very popular. Isn’t it?

By knowing all this, we can say that she is earning pretty much good amount from her career and adding lots of money in her account. With all this, we can say she is living a luxurious life.