Know Zayn Malik' Girlfriend Gigi Hadid' Net Worth, Salary, Contract, Endorsement

An English Singer from Pakistani origin, Zayn Malik and his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid now are in an international flamboyant affair. Many know Gigi as Zyan's girlfriend but she is famous in her own terms. She is a well-established model, a fashion icon, and entrepreneur. Fans know that she is loaded! But how rich she actually is? If you are interested in knowing all about Gigi, let's ride along. 

Know the salary she earns from her modeling career, Net Worth, Contract along with her endorsement deals right here at Hitberry.  Know all about Gigi Hadid in today's column and please keep up with hitberry for more. Let's begin:

Gigi Hadid Net worth, Salary, Contract, and Earnings

According to a tabloid, Gigi Hadid is one of the highest-paid models having an estimated net worth of $13 million. Her level of fame is well shown by her Instagram account which has nearly 30 million followers on Instagram which makes her the face of some major companies.

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Gigi Hadid earns big time as an Instagram model, with a Single Instagram Post she earns $300,000 Paycheck. Hence, the millennial woman has made somewhere around $31,069. 

[ CAPTION: Gigi Hadid ][ SOURCE: Hello Magazine ]

Gigi Hadid reportedly earned a collective amount of $154 million last year. Exciting isn't it? Gigi actually has everything she ever wanted. She has a businessman father, a huge career as a model, a pop icon boyfriend and broad career run in-front of her to cover. What else does anyone need?

[ CAPTION: Gigi Hadid ][ SOURCE: Beauty editor ]

Also, she has penned many contracts with companies like Evian, Maybelin, BMW, Tommy Hilfiger, and Versace from where she makes $9 million per year.

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Gigi Hadid Cars collections

Well, the highest paid model, Gigi loves driving varieties of cars which includes a Mini Copper priced about $25,200, also she has $55,900 Alfa Romeo and a Ford car worth $49,325.

Youtube: Gigi Hadid Cars Collections

Moreover, she has was spotted in Range Rover when she was Stepping out with her boyfriend Joe Jonas. Gigi has also bought an Audi RS7 which price is $ 113,900, and Ferrari 458 which price is $149,500.

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Gigi Hadid Houses

Gigi Hadid has bought a 2,085-square-foot property features two and a half bathrooms and two bedrooms for the estimated price of $4.657 million.

[ CAPTION: Gigi Hadid apartment ][ SOURCE: Trulia ]

Well, Gigi was born into a rich family where her father Mohammed Hadid has designed one of the America most expensive house for $129 million in Beverly Hills. It includes 23 bathrooms, 12 bedrooms, 13,000 wine cellar bottles, and 27 car garage.

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[ CAPTION: Gigi's father mansion ][ SOURCE: Daily Mail ]

Gigi Hadid was grown up in $85 million custom-built mansion with his sister Bella Hadid. It is spread in 35,000-square-foot across 2.2 acres of land.

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People at some point thought she and Zayn developed some personal problems and are no more together but the model-singer duo came out strong and supportive of each other. So we can say, despite being in primes of her career, Gigi is also enjoying a beautiful relationship with Zayn Malik.