Victoria Secret's Model Taylor Hill and Michael Stephen Shank are dating. Shank recently broke up with Gigi Hadid

 Well, it clearly seems that love is in the air! Our very own Victoria's Secret angel Taylor Hill has been slaying it wherever she goes - and most often she is accompanied by none other than her beau Michael Stephen Shank. Their love life makes us go "Relationship Goals".

Taylor Hill and her boyfriend Michael Stephen Shank

Taylor, who has been a part of Victoria' secret angel since 2015 is an exceptional model. But apart from her professional life, she is deeply tied with her boyfriend Michael Stephen Shank who is an American actor as well as a model.

21-year-old Taylor and her love interest Michael, 32, have been dating since more than a year now. As much as they love one another, the fans love them equally - the duo tries their best to keep their fans happy by posting pictures of themselves on Instagram. Michael is quite famous on Instagram with around 96k followers!

Hill and Shank don't feel any shyness in proving and showcasing their love to the whole wide world. Taylor, even with her busy schedule, always manages to spend time with Mike and the captions on every picture of hers - Awww!!

Taylor Hill with her boyfriend Michael Stephen Shank at Coachella

If you are of the thought that Taylor would spare any time for anything else, you absolutely guessed it wrong! In the 2016 Coachella which was held in mid-April, Taylor was spotted in the fields with - the obvious one - her beloved Michael.And yes, the couple could not stay away without kissing one another! How lovely is that! Moreover, he proves to be an ideal boyfriend - he is good friends with Taylor's girlfriends, Martha Hunt, Jasmine Tooks etc.

Taylor Hill attends public events with Michael Shank

Well, since everything is out in the open, what would be left to hide? Yes, the pair has attended numerous public events together and they are literally so happy about it. One recent event of Harper Bazaar's, the pair were spotted taking pictures on the red carpet.

Not only this, Taylor, who debuted in the Hollywood Industry with the movie The Neon Demon, attended the 2016 MTV VMA's with the Hollywood Temptations actor Michael too!

Back in August 2016, the pair were spotted in California, right after Taylor returned from her Victoria's Secret swimwear photo shoot. Illinois-born model and her darling stopped by at Nate'n Al Delicatessen for lunch in Beverly Hills.

Taylor Hill's sweet birthday message to boyfriend Michael

Taylor Hill is not only pretty and sexy, but she is a romantic too! A few months back on her sweetheart's birthday she took this opportunity to Instagram to write a rather long post about how much she adores him and how lucky she is to be with someone like Michael. Girl, we gotta learn something from you!

Taylor's Snapchat and outdoor fun with boyfriend Michael Shank

Do you think a model is just around cameras all the time? You can totally go the wrong direction if you think so! Apparently, the young and beautiful model beauty enjoys outdoor fun activities like skiing and obviously is a snap chat addict. With the start of various fun filters on Snapchat, who would not want to take a few clicks?

Model Gigi Hadid and Michael Shank: Past Relationship?

Gigi Hadid, 22, is also a Victoria's Secret Model and it was rumored that talent agent Michael was known to be in a relationship with the blonde beauty.

Could this have been true? Model Gigi has been dating former One Director singer Zayn Malik since almost a year now! Michael is happily associated with his model star Taylor Hill, definitely since a year plus! Even if there was any connection in the past, Taylor and Gigi have been spotted together numerous times!

No bad blood between Gigi Hadid and Taylor Hill

We could guess the two to be quite a good friend since they shared stages together for various magazine shoots and mostly at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Taylor even took the opportunity to Twitter to Congratulate Gigi Hadid on the collection of Tommy Hilfiger.

Well, we hope both the couples to have a wonderful and long-lasting life ahead of one another. More love to both!