Know Interesting facts about Ashley Jade Stern: youngest member of the Stern clan.

Frank FancherPublished on   20 Mar, 2018Updated on   20 Mar, 2018

One of the most famous radio personality Howard Stern is no stranger to controversy but the ol'boy has a completely different personality. He is a good father to three of his beautiful children. The youngest of them all, Ashley Jade Stern looks pretty lovely but very less is out about this celebrity child in the media. Which has given way to many rumors? Further, being a sister to an openly lesbian she is also rumored to be gay! So how much of these rumors are true? Let's find out!


On today's capsule, we are about to uncover the covert life of this secretive celeb-child. So, stick to the topic as we untangle all her personal life facts! So, let's quickly begin:

Who is Ashley Jade Stern's Mother?

If you all remember Howard Stern and  Alison Berns were married for over 24 years and the couple went through a tragic divorce in 2001.

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Together with Howard, Alison gave birth to three lovely daughters and Ashley is their third daughter born in 1993. Emily Beth and Debra Jenifer are her two elder siblings.

Early Tragedy of her parents' Divorce

No matter who you are, it's always painful to see your parent's divorce and Ashley is no exception. She witnessed her parent's divorce in 2001 when she was only six. 

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The divorce was a sudden shock to the celebrity child. After the divorce, her mother Alison Berns married David Scott Simon on 23 November 2001. Maybe Howard's off the chart radio persona and his workaholic nature possibly started the trouble in the family of five but and her mother’s desire resume her work life also had a part to play in their divorce.

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Her Father Howard also started dating after his divorce. To be fair he was in and out of many relationships which included model turned actress Angie Everhart, and Robin Givens. But Howard stopped his search after meeting Beth Ostrosky in 2000.   

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Ostrosky and James finally tied their knot after dating for seven years on 3rd October 2008. The couple exchanged their vows at Le Cirque Restaurant, New York. All James family was present at the wedding. 

Ashley and her sisters’ relationship with their stepmother Beth

Beth now lives with James but all his children are now grown-up adults and are seen busy in their own lives which now points that the daughters and the step-mom relationship are not that close. But at the same time, Haward's marriage was a happy moment for all his daughters too. So, we can say that they share a good bond but all of the James family is busy doing their own thing which makes it difficult for the family to allocate a reunion time.

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Being said that, we want to share a picture where Howard was captured with Beth and Ashley which shows the youngest one knows how to allocate some family time.

How does Ashley deal with the Adversity of her father's radio contents?

Ashley undoubtedly is a daughter of a rock station's RJ who is one of the most controversial celebrities so far. He is not only controversial but is super rich as well. Howard holds a tremendous net worth of $600 million which is another reason for that people love to hate him but how does his family handle it? Ashley reportedly is cool with her father's behavior and she reportedly admires how his father leaves all the adversity outside the four walls of his home. 


CAPTION: Howard James his current wife and his youngest daughter
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Yes, it's true! Howard is a very protective father and has managed to live a peaceful family life outside the media limelight.

Marital status of Ashley James

Ashley James is not married yet. Despite being a celebrity-daughter who can get anything she desires, she was never linked in any celebrity affair and lived her life as a simple girl but Ashley was sighted with a boy who is possibly her boyfriend in her sister Debra's wedding. 

CAPTION: Ashley Jade Stern and her suspected Boyfriend SOURCE: People's mag

On the other hand, Ashley’s elder sister Emily is reportedly staying in Israel and has converted to an orthodox Jew. Previously, Howard's elder sister is rumored to be a lesbian and her second sister Deborah is reportedly married.