Howard Stern to be credited for Donald Trump's primary win?

May 12, 2016
First Published On: May 12, 2016
by HitBerry

Donald Trump has become great deal successful all by himself but with a little help from Pat Buchanan’s positions on trade, treaties and immigration combined with Howard Stern’s repertory on the controversy, outrage, personal attacks. Based on popular beliefs, Donald Trump has more experience on television than any of his presidential race rivals.

It’s not that Donald Trump is loved and adored by all but he’s hated by almost everyone which makes him even more popular. Similarly, Howard Stern has also had remarkable television ratings and Trump’s presidential campaign has accelerated television ratings. Hence, this nature of him, as reported by The Atlantic, ‘willingness to be confident, controversial and combative leads to big ratings, revenues, and salaries’, no wonder he won the primaries. So where does Howard Stern fit in this angle?

   Howard Stern and his disciple.                      Source: The Atlantic

Howard Stern rose in terms of popularity by attacking his competitors on air which violated an unwritten radio rule. It was not like Stern was pushing the radio limits but completely disrupting it with intense, relentless, and outrageous attacks on his rivals. As a result, his rivals reacted on their own shows, providing free publicity for Stern. Due to this, general public tuned into hear Stern once and stayed listening to Howard thereon. Stern used this outrageous technique, which turned out to be quite useful for them, to become the top-rated radio personality in almost every major American city, before taking a $500 million contract to move to satellite radio.

Following on Stern’s footstep is Trump who publicly launches attacks on his opponents and when his opponents did the same, but all it made them look was awkward and ridiculous. No wonder he’s the Republican candidate. Here’s a brief example of Trump pounding on his rivals,