Know Afton Smith's Net Worth, Salary, Earnings, Lawsuit Settlements, and Divorce Issues

An American actress and writer Afton Smith, who is mostly known to us as the ex-wife of Brendan Fraser starred in few movies during the 90s. With her acting and writing career, how much money has she added to her net worth?


Today, we will be discussing Afton Smith’s achievement through her earnings and total earnings that she has earned throughout her career. Let’s look at some of the interesting details of Afton Smith’s net worth and her achievement.

Afton Smith's Net Worth and Salary

Discontinuing acting career after marriage and not so much active in social media as well, it’s tough to say how much her total net worth is. But her ex-husband Brendan Fraser's net worth is around $50 million.

CAPTION: Afton Smith and her ex-husband Brendan Fraser SOURCE: IMDB

As the couple share three children; after their divorce, Brendan was bound to pay $50,000 monthly and $300,000 annually for his children as per the contract. Some while later, the news of Brendan filing a case for lower payment came out as he was enjoying the net worth of $45 million at that time.

CAPTION: Afton Smith with her ex-husband Brendan Fraser and their children SOURCE: YouTube

While he stated the reason for lower payment as his declining net worth, Afton stated that the actor collected $3 million years so it would not be that hard to pay the amount. Afton won the case, as she gets the same alimony that was stated at the beginning.  

Afton Smith’s earning through professional life

Mostly admired for her role in the movie George of the Jungle in which Afton played with her ex-husband, she has also played in other few films from which she has earned a good sum of money. Well, we bet that she earned a decent amount of money from her role. 

CAPTION: Afton Smith in movie Fried Green Tomatoes SOURCE: CineJour

Let us tell you the box office earnings of all her movies. Afton’s first comedy movie Fried Green Tomatoes has earned $119.4 million at the box office. While her second one, Reality Bites has earned $33.351. Her most famous film George of the Jungle has a total earning of $174.4 million.

CAPTION: Afton Smith in movie George of the Jungle with ex-husband Brendan Fraser SOURCE: curator

As we already know that she is also a writer, in 2004, she has published a movies guidebook Hollywood Picks the Classics: A Guide for the Beginner and the Aficionado. The book is currently at a price of $37 million in the US Market. 

CAPTION: Afton Smith's first published SOURCE: Goodreads

Even if the actress has left the world of acting, she has enough to live on as she has chosen another field as her career. And, for her kids, Afton still gets alimony from her husband. So, yes, she has a lavish lifestyle.