Brendan Fraser' ex-wife Afton Smith, how was their married life?

Everything is not going well for  The Mummy star, Brendan Fraser who had rough days in his past. After divorce with her ex-wife, Afton Smith Brendan life haven't been same. We are familiar with the life of Brendan but what about his ex-wife Afton Smith. An American actress and writer Afton Smith didn't have a sweet relationship with Brenda.

Celebrities and their marriage never had a nice ending. If you look at the list of celebrities divorce, then the list may never end. Looking at the past can be painful but moving forward can be another way of happiness. So Smith has moved on? Let's find out.

Afton Smith's life after divorce with Brendan Fraser

Coming out of the past is never easy for anyone. After divorcing with Brendan in December 2007 Afton maintained her low life profile. Smith rarely made public appearances apart of her movie promotions. Smith didn't have a promising acting career so what is she up to now?

You might be curious to know about her love affairs. You might be surprised to know after ten years of divorce Smith has somehow still managed to remain single.

Brendan Fraser and his ex-wife Afton Smith, source: divorced Debbie

However, Afton name is never linked to any of the men in recent days. As for now, she is spending more of her time with three children. The George of the Jungle star Smith is a great mother and raising kids on her own. Being mother is never an easy job

After being in the relationship with Fraser for almost ten years, has she learned mistakes from her failed marriage? or she doesn't want to be in married life and focus on her kids?

In another hand, Brendan Fraser career has taken nosedive in recent years after a few bad movie choices. So what happened to former 'Mummy' star?

In recent days Brendan is busy with his TV shows Trust.  He has been cast opposite Max Irons and Mira Sorvino in Condor which is about to air in 2018. Apart from this Frase have also maintained privacy in his personal life.

Afton Smith past relationship and married life

Smith does not make lots of gossips with her personal life. The only name that is linked with her ex-husband Brendan Fraser. The ex-couple first met while attending a barbecue at Winona Ryder's house. Soon they got attracted to each other and married on September 27, 1998.

Brendan Fraser with his son Griffin, Holden and Leland Francis Frase., source: i.y

Afton Smith is blessed with three adorable sons named Griffin, Holden and Leland Francis Frase. When everybody thought, their relationship was going well, in December 2007 Fraser's announced his split with Afton Smith. Their divorce was finalized in 2009.

Brendan Fraser with his son Griffin Francis Frase, Holden  Francis Frase, source: fandaily

Brendan agreed to pay $900,000 child support payment to his ex-wife. This divorce turned sour for Fraser after it was finalized. The bad days turned worse for him as he nearly got broke as he appealed to the courts for a reduction of his alimony and child support payments. But Afton didn't buy this bitter truth as she claimed that his ex-husband is hiding money. We hope everything goes well between Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith in upcoming future.

We hope everything goes well between Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith in upcoming future.