Kim Kardashian under fire For her Hair, Know her Recent News and Controversies

The Kardashians are undoubtedly the most talked family in America. Among the family members, Kim Kardashian is the most popular. The reality TV star is currently under fire for her hair. Well, Kim K is not new to controversies and has faced backlash a lot of times. So, what is the deal this time?


Well, the Kardashians seem to be in the news every day courtesy of the pregnancy rumors. Kim K and Kanye West recently welcomed their daughter Chicago. Chicago was conceived via surrogacy. But today, we will be talking about the recent controversy regarding her hair.

Kim Kardashian Criticized for Cornrows

Kim Kardashian is under fire for the new hairstyle that she debuted via Snapchat. That's right; it's cornrows. Cornrows or braids are a traditional African hairstyle that has significance in black culture and history. Cornrows and cultural appropriation are already a pretty heated debate, and Kim K just dragged herself into it.

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The reality star took to Snapchat on Sunday to share her cornrows and called them "Bo Derek braids".

Bo Derek is a white actress who is often credited with popularizing cornrows in the movie 10. The Twitter-sphere was not happy about this and criticized Kim K for not calling them African cornrows.

Fans were angry saying that she disrespected black culture and credited a white actress for its origin.

[ CAPTION: Kim Kardashian flaunting cornrows in 2013 ][ SOURCE: Huffing Post ]

However, this is not the first time Kim Kardashian has flaunted this hairstyle and credited a white actress. She also did this back in 2013, and it was highly criticized then too. It looks like Kim could not care less about the nay-sayers.

Kim Kardashian Still Flaunts It All

Despite all the criticism and controversy, Kim Kardashian is flaunting her hairstyle with more pictures on Instagram this Monday night.

The reality TV star posted a series of photos with her cornrows wearing nothing but a G-string, fur coat, and white top. Kim K flaunted her famous assets in the pictures. She captioned one picture "Hi, can I get zero fucks please, thanks."

[ CAPTION: Kim Kardashian flaunting cornrows ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Well, it is quite clear the reality star is owning her look. She does not seem to care what haters have to say about her hair. However, people have not stopped commenting on the cornrows in her posts.

Kim Kardashian Claps Back At Lindsay Lohan

Well, it is the clap-back season and this time Lindsay Lohan was on the receiving end of it. Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan once used to be friendly with each other but not anymore. A celebrity photo blogger posted Kim K's new look on his Instagram and asked people about their opinions on it. Lindsay Lohan commented on the picture saying she was confused.

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Well, Kim K responded to the comment writing " you know what's more confusing....your sudden foreign accent" Ouch! Kim K was referring to Lohan's puzzling European accent that she adopted in 2016 after a year of travel. Kim Kardashian is definitely not taking hate from anyone, not even Lindsay Lohan.

Kim Kardashian is not caring about the criticism and backlash. Kim K must have her hands full with the new baby. She has yet to reveal her baby to the world.