Kim Kardashian Chose Madonna and Aaliyah as her Halloween Costumes.

Kim Kardashian never fails to impress her fans be it with her sexy costumes or costumes for Halloween. She is a Kardashian, that's given. This time we will be discussing her Halloween costumes since Halloween is on the edge.

Kim is popular for her outstanding and unique fashion sense regarding her dressing style. But this Halloween, one outfit that Kim wore, brought her criticism. People always seem to find fault in everything. You know the drill what you have to do, guys? Scroll down!

Kim Kardashian opted as Madonna and Kourtney as MJ

Amidst the hoard of celebrities now competing for who dresses the best for Halloween, Kim Kardashian along with her sister Kourtney stood out. Kim had earlier tweeted

Source: Twitter

So the 37-year model was going to be dressed as one of the singers but as the legendary beauty icon, Madonna? That was an awesome pick. Kourtney was not far behind. She accompanied her sister as the king of pop for a Halloween party on last Saturday. This outfit, by the way, was her second Halloween costume.

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Kim and Kourtney dressed up for halloween Party Source: SnapChat

Kourtney too shared her sister's Snapchat video on Limo which featured Kourtney with her sister while MJ's music was playing in the background. Check the video for yourself.

Both Kardashian sisters looked smashing as they always manage to. The costume was influenced by the dress Madonna and Jackson wore to the 1991 Academy Awards.

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The famous white gown was embellished with stones paired with a fur stole and completed with a diamond necklace and a blond curly wig. Similarly, Kourtney wore a white blazer and a leather pant to match with Michael Jackson's signature outfit.

Kim Kardashian West dressed up as Cher for her first Halloween costume along with Jonathan Cheban a day before as her Sonny Bono, staging as the former couple's 1973 Oscars look.

Kim and Jonathan Cheban as Cher and her Sony Bono trying to impersonate the couple's 1973 Oscars look. Kim and Jonathan Cheban as Cher and her Sony Bono trying to impersonate the couple's 1973 Oscars look. Source:

But it was the third costume that created the maximum buzz. Kim tried the Aaliyah Dana Haughton look from the music video 'Try Again'. For your information, the singer had died in 2001 in a plane crash. To create that avatar, Kim wore a studded bikini top matched with black leather pants and a choker. A bedazzled belt and dark blue eyeshadow added a final touch up.

Kim as late Aaliyah Kim as late Aaliyah
Source: Pinterest

When Kim posted a picture of herself as Aaliyah, several negative comments popped up. According to those comments, it was kind of disrespectful. But her fans came to her rescue. One of the fans wrote

What’s the issue with Kim Kardashian dressing up as Aaliyah? IT’S HALLOWEEN. Y’all acting as if she did black face.

While another defended her as

There is really nothing wrong with Kim Kardashian's Aaliyah outfit for Halloween. But Twitter said why pass up an opportunity to drag Kim.

But if you seriously think this, it is not at all disrespectful, as her fans wrote. How is it disrespectful? Please explain because in Hollywood many celebrities give tribute to their idols by appearing as them.

So Kim Kardashian has by no means, done anything to make Aaliyah's reputation bad. For further updates, stay tuned.