Kevin Spacey Received One More Supporter To Defend His Sexual Assault Allegations

March 20, 2018 by arjun

Former House of Cards star Kevin Spacey received hate and criticism after being exposed by Antony Rapp. But there are still few people who support him including his one new supporter.


After Star Trek: Discovery actor Antony Rapp reported sexual allegation against Kevin Spacey, several other accusation clam and misconduct were added in the name of Spacey.  

CAPTION: Kevin Spacey received one more follower against Antony Rapp sexual assault allegation SOURCE: custom

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Then he was fired from the Netflix series House of Cards including other film role and projects. On 29 October 2017 Spacey released an apology statement on the Twitter account. He explains the situation saying that he honestly was unaware of the behavior described by Rapp as he was drunk at the scene.

CAPTION: Kevin Spacey with his fans SOURCE: Instagram

However, there are people who feel sorry for him including new supporter Anthony Sher, four times Laurence Oliver Award nominee and two-time winner. Talking in favor of Spacey he said he is a talented person and we should give him second excuse otherwise we will be wasting such talent.

Sher’s told Emily Maitlis of News night “I hope so because he’s an absolute tremendous actor and if, I guess, in the past, we have forgiven people’s personal weaknesses it’s a tremendous loss to acting.”

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Alec Baldwin also feels the same way as Sher and offered sympathy for Spacey. Whereas people like Kevin’s co-star Joel Kinnaman has their own opinion related to the sexual assault. In a Swedish talk show, Kinnaman said he has received the red alert from his friends that Kevin hunts guy.

CAPTION: Kevin Spacey Received One More Supporter To Defend His SOURCE: Twitter

Despite big star, there is also Kevin’s fan who has built Twitter page and website for his support. They keep on motivation and saying “Be strong Kevin never lose hope.”