Kevin Bieksa and his wife, Katie ready to welcome another baby into the family?

May 2, 2017
First Published On: August 4, 2016

Kevin Bieksa is a professional ice hockey player. He and his wife, Katie who already have two children may be looking forward to welcoming their third child into their family- it has been rumored.

It has been suggested that the couple have been cited at various maternity centers. There they are probably visiting so that they can attend classes.

Personal and family life

However, the rumors do not seem to have a solid binding to prove if it really is true and the Bieksa’s are expecting a baby.  Kevin married his wife, Katie a couple of years back.

However, Kevin and Katie were dating many years prior to marriage. It has been rumored that Kevin had always wanted to have three children and their daughter Reese and son Cole also have been voicing that they want a sibling.

Close friends and family have also not suggested anything substantial to pregnancy news. However the Bieska’s earlier children were also a family affair and they were not covered by the media.

Professional or career

Kevin as a professional is one of the most sought after player in the NHL at the moment. He is popularly known for his physical and aggressive defense game.

He also is an honorable member of the prestigious Falcon team who compete in the Central Collegiate Hockey Association.

Not only is Kevin an outstanding player but also he is known for his intelligence. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in finance which he secured with distinct grades. He being so sought after has already played for three different top teams in the NHL.

Early on in his career due to his massive physicality he earned himself a nickname of being the fighter. This he adorned by getting into many fights early on in his career.

He is also known for being close friends with former NHL player, Rick Rypien who committed suicide due to clinical depression.

Kevin helped his former friend to great extents and Rick was even known to share the Bieska’s household for a certain period of time. After his death Kevin was involved with the ceremonies related to his death.

Kevin’s jersey number is 2 and he has been known to carry his number through all the different teams he has played with and played for.

Kevin who is nearing his retirement age has also suggested that he may consider retirement after four or three seasons.

Kevin’s yearly salary has been estimated to be somewhere around $4 Million and his net worth has been estimated to be approximately $13 million.

His current contract with his present team the Anaheim Ducks is to last out to 2018 and is for a period of two years. Of which his contract on monetary terms stands at $8 million.

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