Justin Theroux And Aubrey Plaza Got Cut Together: Know Inside

April 1, 2018

Justin Theroux was cut with Auery Plaza in New York after splitting from ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.


Justin Theroux has announced his split with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston just one month ago and how he is spotted in Greenwich, New York with Aubrey Plaza. Looks like, he is enjoying his bachelor life.

After photographed together there are rumors and possibility of the relationship between the 46 years old actor and Recreation star Plaza. They have neither accepted it or denied their affair as they might find it useless to answer.

CAPTION: Justin Theroux And Aubrey Plaza Got Cut Together: Know Inside SOURCE: pagesix

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But the photo evidence has brought Theroux in public eye with another woman.

In the snap Theroux wear a sweatshirt with the hoot, covering head with a woolen cap and stylish sunglass holding bicycle with his right hand.

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While Plaza has covered her beautiful blond hair with a cap and put her both hand inside her pockets.  

However, there are reports that they could be just old friend spending some time together. As we know the two stars has a guest appearance in 2010 where Justin appeared alongside Plaza in the 4th episode of Parks and Recreation.  

A source explained the meeting as work purpose. It added they meet-up to discuss a potential movie project.

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Moreover, a story claimed that Jennifer Aniston said the photo was just made-up. Looks like there is a fake couple alert in Hollywood life after paparazzi photographed Justin and Aubrey together.

A source revealed Aubrey is happy with her boyfriend Jeff Baena.