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Brangelina getting DIVORCE. Know the whole story and reactions. Jennifer Aniston says It's Karma.

September 22, 2016
First published on:September 22, 2016
by John

The news of Hollywood diva Angelina Jolie filing for divorce with her known-to-be another half, World War Z actor Brad Pitt has been trending all over the media like fire! Who would have thought that the 'Dream Couple' of today's generation would split up, after 12 years of relationship? There has been innumerable number of speculations and assumption by the media as to why the duo came to such a harsh decision of separation.

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Brad and Angelina's separation: Speculations

Angelina legally filed for a divorce with her partner - Brad Pitt. As a matter of fact, she has also requested for physical custody of all of her six children, allowing Pitt for visitation rights!

What could have been the reason for their split - Irreconcilable Differences!

The media has been burning up with the news of their parting. Fans have shown their grief and shock towards the separation. It has been known that the primary reasons behind all this are due to Brad's drinking problem and weed smoking! It has also been added that there were issues in terms of raising their children - Bad Parenting.

According to TMZ, sources who are in close connection with Pitt mentioned that the actor is furious because his wife brought up about Brad's anger issues and addiction problems. It is also been said that the father of six will fight for joint custody.

A source close to the former couple however cites that the decision of break-up is mutual, according to CNN.

What does Brad Pitt have to say?

"I am very sad due to this, but well-being of the children is of utmost importance" Brad said in a statement to CNN. He also requested the media to give the kids the time they require to overcome the situation.

Angelina Jolie's Attorney: Decision for split

The Wanted actress's attorney, Robert Offer tells CNN that it was done for the comfort of the family. He adds "She will not be making any comments at this point of time", and also requests everyone to provide the family with the privacy they require. 

Brad Pitt's ex Jennifer Anniston's say on their separation

"Yeah, that’s karma for you", said the Mother's Day actress when she was discussing the news of the golden couple with a friend of hers, according to an insider, tells US Magazine.

The insider also adds "She always got a feeling that something or the other would happen to them. She didn’t really feel that Angelina was the one for him.", although she believed that Brad loved the Oscar-winning actress. "Brad is a simple guy and Jennifer felt that Angelina was a bit too complex", the insider added.

Now there's a second source which tells US Magazine that Jennifer feels " some sort of satisfaction at their divorce". although she never wanted such a thing to happen. "Jen wishes Brad luck and wants him to be happy", the source added.

The Cake actress and Brad, 52, even after their divorce, were in good contact. Now, the blonde beauty has moved on and married Justin Theroux ten years after she divorced with Brad.

Marion Cotillard in between Brad and Angelina's split?

French actress Marion has been dragged in the news of the couple's divorce. To clear up the air, she made a rather long statement on her Instagram denying any connection with Brangelina. She also confirmed her second pregnancy with her husband Guillaume Canet.

Did Brad cheat on Angelina?

Singer and songwriter Selena Gomez's and Pitt's picture on Instagram has brought about talks regarding Pitt's infidelity. Apparently, it was also known that they were spotted in a rather flirty manner during the Golden Globe Awards too! Selena, 24, posted a picture on Instagram where she is sitting next to Brad and it seems like Angelina is furious about it, according to Daily Mail. Apparently, Selena jokingly stated Brad as her "future husband" and it seems like Angie just didn't like it! Brad is definitely Selena's crush and this can be dated back since 2013.

What is known is that she hid under a table at the MTV awards because she was so nervous to be around the sensational heartthrob, Brad. An ex-girlfriend of Justin Beiber, Selena also mentioned in The Ellen Show that Brad requested her to meet backstage after a show in the MTV awards. 


What conclusion could possibly be made? Since there has been no confirmations and evidence as to Brad cheating on Angie, guess we could just continue with the speculations then!

Chelsea Handler's shocking Statement on Brangelina's Separation

You won't believe your eyes on what you are going to watch next! Brad's ex Jennifer's mate Chelsea Handler has made some eye-opening statement towards what's happening with Brangelina right now. Chelsea, who runs her own comedy show on Netflix, reminded the audiences as to how she stated that she would not get married until Pitt and Jolie divorced. "So, I am officially accepting proposals, I am ready!" she added.


She mentioned how the relationship is known to have come to an end due to the reasons of Brad's drinking and smoking problem. Moreover, she made a mockery of Brad by recommending him to have gone at Lake Como and hang out with his counterparts Matt Damon and George Clooney instead of living with 85 children and speaking 15 different languages!

Source : Holywood Life

Source : Holywood Life

What was unexpected that host Chelsea ended by saying "Because he married a f***ing lunatic", indicating Angelina as the crazy woman in the story.

Well, well, someone's keeping scores on who is with Angie and who teams up with Jen!

Celebrities and Fans react to Brad Pitt and Jolie's divorce news

Actor George Clooney, who is a long-time friend of Brad's made a sad comment about their split and mentioned it was rather unfortunate.


Model Christine Teigen took this opportunity on Twitter to show her grief about the news.

Fans have been absolutely devastated by the sad incident.


Whyyyyy? #Brangelina

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Moreover, there have been some funny Instagram posts and memes to cheer them up!



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I'm sad about them calling it quits! But this gave me a good laugh #brangelina #typical #men

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Flashback to BRANGELINA!

41-year-old Angelina and actor Brad were known to have been in a relationship since 2004. The pair eventually met one another during the sets of the action-comedy film Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It is a well-known fact that Brad Pitt was formerly married to Friends actress Jennifer Aniston in 2000. Since Jennifer filed for a divorce with Brad citing irreconcilable differences, it was during the legal proceedings of their divorce that Brad and Angelina began their romantic relationship.

In mid-April 2005, a set of paparazzi spotted Brad, Angelina and her son Maddox at a beach in Kenya; and this is when it was confirmed that they were indeed together. Since then, the couple had been known as 'Brangelina'.

The couple announced their engagement 4 years back, in 2012. And two years later, in 2014, the couple chose Correns, France as their wedding venue and tied the knot with complete presence of their six children to witness their marriage! Eventually, she took in the name "Jolie-Pitt" - but all in vain, is it?

Apparently, both the actors, 52-year-old Pitt and Jolie, had been associated with other actors before they fell in love with one another. Did you know that the humanitarian cum actress was also previously married to British actor Jhonny Lee Miller? Angelina's marriage to Brad was her third since she had tied the knot with American musician and film-maker Billy Bob Thorton in 2000.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Children

Angelina, being a soft-hearted human being, adopted her first child, a seven-month-old son named Maddox, from an orphanage in Cambodia in 2002, when she was 27 years old. She had visited Cambodia twice while shooting for her action movie Lara Crift: Tomb Raider. The child was adopted when she was formerly married to Billy Bob Thorton. Angelina adopted her son as a single mother since the couple separated three months later of the adoption.

In 2005, Angelina again adopted a six-month-old girl, Zahara Marley from Ethiopia. The birth mother to the child came forward to the media, but it was revealed that she had abandoned the child. It was also discovered that Brad and Angelina both took a joint decision to adopt the baby girl.

A year later, Angelina gave birth to their biological daughter, Shiloh Nouvel in Namibia. In order to donate any sum of money to UNICEF, the couple sold pictures of their child to People and Hello! for a colossal sum of $4.1 and $3.5 million, respectively.

Again in 2007, our dream couple adopted another child, a three-year-old boy named Pax Thien from Vietnam. This child was adopted under the name of Jolie because according to the law in Vietnam, any unmarried couple was not provided with the rights to co-adopt. Later after they returned to the USA, Angelina petitioned for a joint surname to the child and in 2008, Brad officially adopted Pax too.

Angelina took the wonderful opportunity of 2008 Cannes Festival to announce her second biological pregnancy - with twins! A daughter, Vivienne Marcheline and a son, Knox Leon was welcomed to their family in July 2008. Here too, the first picture of the babies was sold to People - for a whopping sum of $14 million! This is known to be the most expensive celebrity photographs to have even been sold in history.

Everyone is heartbroken with this sad news and we wish the children to have a healthy living. 

#RIP Brangelina!

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