Julian Gil's Love Journey: Exploring All Of His Wife And Girlfriends

Julián Gil, an actor and model from Argentina, is widely recognized for his performances on television. He has been part of popular shows such as "Por amar sin ley," "Eva Luna," and "Sortilegio." 

Apart from his professional success, Julián is also known for his personal life. Currently, he is engaged to Valeria Marín. Before his relationship with Valeria, she was married to Brenda Torres. 

Engaged With A Sports Journalist

Julián Gil and Valeria Marín have been in a loving relationship since July 2020. Their journey together took a significant step forward when he decided to make a heartfelt commitment. 


Julián Gil and his fiancée, Valeria Marín SOURCE: Instagram @juliangil

In December 2022, Gil took the plunge and proposed to Valeria. This opened a new chapter in their relationship as they look forward to building a future together. 

Proposed While Working In Qatar

Gil's proposal to Valeria holds a unique and exciting chapter in their love story. The special moment took place while they were both working in Qatar, covering the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. 

The proposal added an extra layer of magic to their Qatar experience. Gil turned a professional assignment into a personal celebration of love. What an incredible time it must have been for him. Not only did she say yes, but, he also got to witness his country Argentina lift the trophy.

How Did Gil Meet His Partner?

Julián and Valeria's story began when they crossed paths during a professional assignment. The couple first met while working together to cover the Super Bowl in 2020 for a sports program. 


Julián Gil and Valeria Marín in Madrid, Spain SOURCE: Instagram @valmarin_r

A connection sparked between Julián and Valeria, amidst the excitement and high-energy atmosphere. Their shared passion for their work laid the foundation for their relationship. 

Have The Wedding Plans Begun?

As of now, Gil and Marín seem to be taking a laid-back and spontaneous approach to their wedding plans. In an interview with People en Español, the actor shared that they haven't actively discussed detailed wedding plans yet. 

Julian expressed the possibility of waking up one day and deciding to tie the knot without much prior planning like JLo and Affleck. The couple envision an intimate ceremony just between the two of them, as mentioned in an article from Ultimas Noticias

A Bit About Gil's Fiancé

Valeria Marín was born on September 15, 1990, in Mexico. She is a known name in the field of sports journalism. Currently associated with Univision and TUDN MEX, she has carved a niche for herself in the industry. 


Valeria Marín in a Photoshoot SOURCE: Instagram @valmarin_r

Marín's journey began after earning a bachelor's degree in journalism. She initially contributed to the newspaper Impacto. Over time, she transitioned into television. Her expertise shines through, especially in her coverage of the NFL and MLB for Fox Deportes en Vivo, Agenda Fox Sports, and Central FOX. 

Has Gone Through A Failed Marriage

Julián has experienced the ups and downs of marriage. He has been previously married to Brenda Torres. While details about their marriage and the reason it ended are not known, they do share a connection through their two children. 

Gil and Torres have a daughter named Nicolle. She was born on January 30, 1987. They also share a son, Julián Jr., who was born on September 20, 1995. 

Failed Engagement With Marjorie De Sousa

Julián Gil and Marjorie De Sousa had a significant chapter in their relationship. They were once an engaged couple that spanned over seven months. Their journey began in 2011, and after dating for five years, they took a step towards a more committed relationship by getting engaged in August 2016. 

However, the couple separated in 2017. Marjorie was pregnant with their 3-month-old baby, Matias Gregorio at the time. The complexities of their personal lives added a layer of challenge to their relationship.

Why Did Gil And Sousa Break Up?

The reasons behind the breakup of Julián Gil and Sousa remain undisclosed. The "Eva Luna" actor has chosen to keep the details of their separation private. 

Julián has decided to not reveal the specific reasons for the end of their relationship, as mentioned in an article from Distractify. But, once in an interview with Telemundo, he made it clear that, in his perspective, a relationship should never involve a third party. 

This statement led to speculations and raised questions about the possibility of infidelity playing a role in the breakup. Although it remains unconfirmed whether that was the implication. 


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