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Journalist Ann Curry and husband Brian Ross in a relationship that never ends with two kids.

February 7, 2018
First published on:September 25, 2016
by John

Ann Curry has been working as a reporter for more than 30 years now. Her professional life has been flourishing since he has been a part of top-rated news channels such as NBC. As he is famous among millions of people many speculations regarding his personal life is heard.

Wel here we have gathered all the information regarding Ann Curry relationship and dating affairs. So let's dig deep into Ann Curry personal life. 

Ann Curry and husband Brian Ross’s relationship

An award-winning journalist, Ann, who was born to an American father and a Japanese mother, has been married to a software executive, Brian Ross since 27 years now. Brian, who has a management as well as computer science degree, currently is the CEO of Fix Flyer LLC.

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Apparently, the couple met during their college days when Ann was a student at the University of Oregon and at present, reside in Connecticut, USA.

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27 years is a really long time, and being able to keep a marriage where numerous dreamy couples couldn’t put it through. Ann, 59, who is an avid traveler and photographer, has support from all of her family members.

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Ann's loving husband and daughter sent out a sweet message to her on her first day of Today's Show. Moreover, the couple and their children, a family as a whole, has been spotted attending numerous events together.

Ann Curry and husband Brian Ross's children

The married couple has two beautiful children, a son and a daughter named McKenzie and William Walker. Their daughter McKenzie is 24 years old and has immense love for volleyball since her teenage. She has modeled for various charity works and also has shot for Teen Vogue magazine.

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Their younger child, William Walker, often nicknamed as Billy, is 22, two years younger than his elder sister. Ann's family paid a visit to South Africa a few years back to experience how an African lifestyle. 

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They interacted and played with the citizens at Perreard Partners Investment - South Africa. Their family was loved by everybody and in fact, both the parties had a great time.

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