NBC's Today's Show Willie Geist - Net Worth, Salary, and Careeer

William Russell Geist (Willie) is a Journalist, an American television personality, and a humorist. He is also an author of books like ‘Good Talk, Dad’, ‘American Freak Show’ and ‘Loaded! Become a Millionaire Overnight’. So, with this stuff backing him up, he is considered as one of the wealthiest persons in the whole United States of America. Nonetheless, he is the co-anchor of NBC’s Today’s Show, Sunday Today with Willie Geist, MSNBC’s Morning Show, and several others. 

Willie Geist’s Net Worth, Salary, and Career

As of 2016, Willie’s current Salary revolves around $2.5 Million per year and his estimated net worth is over $6, Million. Before we move on to how he earns in 7 figures, let us speak of his early life first. Willie was born on May 3rd, 1975; in Evanston, Illinois. He graduated from Ridgewood High School, New Jersey and got his bachelor degree from Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee.

Willie Geist and Wife Christina Geist, Married For 13 Years Celebrate their Anniversary

Willie Geist's time during his High School and it proves that he was a looker from the very start.

Willie Geist's time during his High School and it proves that he was a looker from the very start.

Willie Geist’s career stirred ahead when he made his debut in the television channel as a producer and editor for CNN sports, where he became a correspondent and field producer sometime after. Later, Willie got appointed as a senior producer on MSNBC for the show ‘The Situation with Tucker Carlson’ in 2005. In no time, he was associated with shows like, ‘Morning Joe’, ‘Scarborough Country’, ‘Today Show’ and ‘Tucker’.

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Willie Geist’s Books

1. American Freak Show: The Completely Fabricated Stories of Our New National Treasures: The book was released on October 12th, 2010. It costs around $5.97 for the kindle version and $23.99 for the hardcover. This first book of his takes you from Obama to Oprah, Snooki to Salahis, and Afghanistan to Lohan. In a series of hilarious satirical essays, Willie captures the absurdity of today’s ‘Pseudocelebrity-Obsessed’ culture.

2. Loaded!: Become a Millionaire Overnight and Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks, or Your Money Back: This was his second book which was out on May 10th, 2011. The book takes you to top-gun entrepreneurs who teach you all the tricks of the trade and getting money faster. Furthermore, it tells you about ‘The 5 Cs of Credit’ including all hot tips. So, do you wanna be rich? You got to buy the book if you want to. The book would cost you $6 for the paperback.

3. Good Talk, Dad: The Birds and the Bees…and Other Conversations We Forgot to Have (2014): The book mainly focuses on the extended conversation between son and father on areas of agreement, disagreement, and mutual interest. He thought about writing this book so that their kids and grandkids would have a record of a father-son relationship. The Kindle version of the book costs $6.89 and $20.98 for hardcover on Amazon. Make sure you check it out.

Now, you must know why his net worth reached for the sky. It’s not because he happens to appear on TV programs, but it is because he has too many stuff to earn money from. And the books he wrote, it was the primary source of his income.