Jess Conte's Popularity on Social Media; Is She Earning well? Know her salary, net worth along with the the lifestyle she follows

Being popular with the help of internet and earning money through it has become a trend. Almost all people of today’s generation follow it. Don’t we? But there are only some people who are getting a chance to be famous and are earning millions of dollars. Does Jess Conte fall into those categories?


Today we are going to discuss how famous Jess Conte is and the notable amount of money she has earned through her career. Stick on this page to know as we are going to reveal all about her.

Jess Conte's Popularity on Social Media

Jess Conte is an Australian YouTuber who started her career with the help of the social media. She is known to us as a vlogger and a singer. Well, sometimes she is also seen giving beauty tips. So what do you think about such a multi-talented person? Isn’t she famous?

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To reveal the truth, she has become one of the famous personalities through her career. If we view her on the social media platform, then we can see that she has millions of viewers and it’s increasing day by day.

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CAPTION: Instagram profile of Jess Conte
SOURCE: Instagram

Having a million of followers on social media sites obviously means she is very popular. Don’t you think?

Jess Conte's earning

Well, we all know in today’s generation the best source of earning money is the internet, isn’t it? As we all know, Jess is a YouTube star, so you also should have a knowledge about the earning process of a YouTuber. If you don’t then for your kind information, they are paid on the basis of views they get on their video and the ads that play during it.

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CAPTION: YouTube profile of Jess Conte

As we already know that Jess is very famous among millions of her fans then she obviously has got millions of views and earned a pretty sum of money through her career. According to some tabloids, up until now, she has been able, to sum up, a total of $250,000 cash alongside her husband Gabriel Conte, another Youtube Vlogger.

Jess Conte’s lifestyle

Talking about the lifestyle of the YouTuber, then she is having a blast with husband Gabriel Conte. She seems to enjoy every bit of her life travelling and doing all sort of things she craves for. 

CAPTION: Jess Conte enjoying the tour with her partner
SOURCE: Instagram

CAPTION: Jess Conte enjoying a honeymoon with Gabriel Conte
SOURCE: Instagram

As she has already been married, she goes on many dates with her love. The above picture just shows you their honeymoon photo as Gabriel kisses Jess on a beach. Whereas the picture down below is of their wedding. They look as if they had a grand wedding, don't you think? 

CAPTION: Jess Conte wedding day
SOURCE: Instagram

Jess and Gabriel look like frequent travellers, don't they? They booked a whole chopper to fly like birds above an island. 

CAPTION: Jess and Gabriel Conte back from a helicopter tour
SOURCE: Instagram

CAPTION: Jess Conte's range rover
SOURCE: Instagram

How could we miss Jess's car while talking about her lifestyle? Well, she is a Range Rover owner as she drives a full white rover with black glass. The price, you ask? Well, it costs around $65,000. 

Jess Conte’s pets

Looking at the life she has had, it looks as if she is an animal lover. If we go through her Instagram profile, then we see her clicking many photos with dogs. So, does it mean she loves a dog more than any other pets?

CAPTION: Jess Conte playing with her pet SOURCE: Instagram

She has a dog named Milo of the Ganaraskan breed. The dog looks fluffy and all and should cost a fortune, doesn't it? Well, as per our information, the dog costs around $500-$2000. 

CAPTION: Jess Conte's pet
SOURCE: Instagram

Apart from such, she also has a dog breed of Labrador; the loyal dogs and she call her Molly. 

CAPTION: Jess Conte's pet
SOURCE: Instagram

 Besides Molly, she also has another labrador, but we couldn't get the dog's name. 

CAPTION: Jess Conte's pet
SOURCE: Instagram

 Apart from all of these dogs, she also is a proud owner of Golden Retrievers. Do you know how much they cost? Well, the dogs cost around $1000-$2500 in the market. 

Jess Conte’s gadgets

After being a YouTuber, Jess has been enjoying her life in a lavish way. We have already talked about her lifestyle and pet. Now we are going to talk about what type of gadgets she uses on a daily basis. She is the proud owner of the Macbook which is worth more than $2500.

CAPTION: Macbook of Jess Conte
SOURCE: Instagram

Alongside her Macbook, she also owns an Apple iPhone X. Well, we don't have to tell you how costly it is, do we? Apart from these things, she also owns an HP Photo Printer which costs more than a $1000. 

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CAPTION: hp printer of Jess Conte
SOURCE: Instagram


CAPTION: Jess Conte taking mirror selfie with iPhone X
SOURCE: Instagram

 By seeing all this we can assume, she is earing a pretty much good amount from her youtube career and also seems to have added lots of money in her account. With all this, we can say she is living her life in a lavish way.