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One of the famous rapper Gazzy Garcia AKA Lil Pump came into the spotlight after he posted a series of songs in his SoundCloud in the year 2016. Some of his popular tracks are "Gucci Gang", "Flex Like Our", "D Rose", "Broke My Wrist", and "Movin". Let us tell you that the more you know about the rapper the more you will fall for him. So today we present five interesting facts about Lil Pump.

This American rapper and songwriter, Lil Pump is famous for being one of the fastest-rising artists in the world of hip-hop. As of now, he is able to win the heart of millions of fans and we are sure that nothing is left for his fans to know about him or, are there any? Well, not to worry as we will give you all a quick reminder from today's column where we cover five facts about Lil Pump. Without further delay, let's jump quickly into the topic.

Five Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Lil Pump

Lil Pump was born on 17 August 2000 in United State. Talking about his educational background, he was expelled from many schools. Thereafter he got enrolled in a high school but ended up getting kicked out in the 10th grade for inciting a riot and fighting.

Lil Pump is A High School drop-out

Lil Pump grew up in Miami. Though there is no detailed information regarding his childhood and family background, he did mention that he wasn't interested in studying in several public interviews.

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When he was in 9th grade, he got into a fight and poor Lil was expelled from the school. After being expelled from the school, he put his effort into music and started composing raps and the result is right in front of us. It looks like, dropping out of the High School didn't turn out so bad for the rapper.

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Lil Pump- Big on SoundCloud

Lil pump gained huge popularity online and has online fans base like none other has. Lil himself said that when he released Pump, it had over 10000 views which were unbelievable. He said that 10000 seemed like a small number when Pump hit 6 million now.

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Each of the songs which he released has over a million plays on SoundCloud. The song D Rose leads the way with 7.86 million views, Elementary and Gate have well over a million plays. Even after releasing many single songs, he hasn't released a mixed tape yet.

Lil Pump- Described as SoundCloud rapper

The SoundClouder rapper is described as a mediocre musician who creates menial songs for the small audience, less than 100 streams. And this rapper, Lil is described as a SoundCloud rapper. If you have listened to his songs then you will find his song contains lyrical themes, hedonism, and repetitive catchy hooks.

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Lil Pump’s Gucci Gang is the chart’s greatest gainer, he is actually a record-breaking number, so whoever thinks he is a mediocre singer should change their views as he rules the SoundCloud platform.

Lil Pump- Grew up listening Chief Keef and Lil B.

In an interview, Lil Pump said that he grew up listening to the top artists like Chief Keef and Lil B. But he was inspired by his friend, Smoke Purp who is a 19-year–old rapper from Miami, Florida. It was Smoke who encouraged Pump to start recording music. Album Pump was Lil's first song which became a hit online.

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Lil Pump grew listening Chef Keef songs like Love Sosa, Hallelujah, I Don't Like -featuring Lil' Reese, No Tomorrow, Hate Bein' Sober, and much more. 

Lil Pump- Started Freestyling

When Lil was at his high school, he started freestyling with fellow rapper and producer, Omar Pineiro. If you are wondering that who is Omar Pineiro then he is none other than his best friend Smokepurpp.

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Collaboration with Smokepurpp got him more famous than ever, the song Deadstar was one of the highest played songs which included credentials from Omar.

So these were some rarely heard facts about your celebrity, Lil Pump. We hope that you enjoyed reading these facts about Lil Pump.