Jennifer Lopez Shares A-Rod Unknown Weird First Date Night Story

Jennifer Lopez reveals an unknown Weird secret about her first date in The Ellen DeGeneres show that she didn’t even share with Alex Rodriguez.


From Bathroom to their date.

Though Jennifer Lopez has almost told everything, still there is something she has not even talked with him and kept that secret hidden from her boyfriend until she had appeared in The Ellen DeGeneres show on Wednesday.

The singer who appeared as a guest in the show on Wednesday, May 2, opened up about how was their first date and the MLB player Alex Rodriguez didn’t believe it was actually a date.

Lopez said, he never believed it was a date though he keeps on asking let us go out for a dinner. And after they had this so-called date and he told, “Oh, I didn’t think it was a date, I didn’t know if you were seeing anybody or whatever.” Then she continued “I wouldn’t have gone out with you if I was seeing somebody else.”

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In responses, he said was unknown what was it actually then.

But Lopez again said she felt like it was a date after he texted from the bathroom.

She described it was cute as she was in date with A-Rod who believes not date and eating dinner together. Then digging more she said he goes to the restroom and she was sitting waiting for him.

I texted somebody, I’m with Rodriguez!” she told. “My girlfriend, who knew him, I was like, Guess who I’m with? Alex, He doesn’t know that part.”

It became more interesting when she received a text which she believed to be from her earlier friend but it was former Rodriguez reading “You look sexy AF.”

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She revealed the former Yankees star can’t say so he texted and she without hesitation said was wearing a turtleneck and baggy pants.

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