Jann Arden Opens Up About Becoming A Mother To Her Alzheimer’s Mother

March 15, 2018
First Published On: March 15, 2018
by arjun

Canadian Singer-songwriter Jann Arden talks about her new album “These Are The Days” acknowledging her mistakes, as she takes care of her mother Joan Richards diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.  


Jann Arden started to see her entire life changing when her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and her father passed away.

CAPTION: Jann Arden opens up with Chief Anchor Lisa LaFlamme in CTV News feature interview SOURCE: Twitter

Arden opens up with Chief Anchor Lisa LaFlamme in CTV News feature interview, when she began to work in “These Are The Days”, she was dealing with several troubles.

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At the moment, she ended her 10 years long relationship and mom was ill and moreover, she was not in great condition too. She started to drink too much.

While she was writing her new music, she was also writing “Feeding My Mother” collecting experience in terms of cooking and taking care of her mother.


Two great humans. Flawed but fearless

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In early 70s Arden’s mother Joan Richards started showing Dementia signs and she thought it was one of an aging problem.  Finally, she spotted that it was not garden-variety memory loss when her mother picks up the phone and said what you do with the phone.

The Alzheimer disease was hard to accept as Arden though that her mom will enjoy with her friends and drink beer but all dreams were stolen from her. Although, the singer found she is lucky when her mother cherishes herself being an Alzheimer patient.

Since two years Richards’s diseases become worse and she started to need full-time care and her daughter Arden lives across the road.

CAPTION: Jann Arden and Chief Anchor Lisa LaFlamme SOURCE: Twitter

Arden in the interviews said if you want to be the best caregiver stop being “the memory police.” Just be in the moment with them, just follow them and enjoy with them.

Arden has written many songs related to her mother but “These Are The Days” is actually about her. She wrote for herself recalling herself lost in the mire.