Has Lisa Laflamme ever been married? Is she dating anyone?

If someone gets to cover the 9/11 attack and the great Iraq War, they are not an ordinary journalist. Being a Canadian journalist, Lisa Laflamme has interviewed many great people like former President of the United States Bill Clinton, British Royal Prince Andrew and many other important folks like Sir Paul McCartney, Boris Johnson, Tony Blair, etc.

Having contributed her entire life to this profession, Lisa Laflamme did not get any time for love. In her 51 years, she has never been married or divorced. She is known to have any children outside of the marriage or adopted one.

Similarly, there are not even a single clue of her dating history prior or after joining the profession of journalism. Strictly professional, Lisa never discloses her personal life to anyone and likes to keep her family and relatives and her private life to herself.

There is no news or rumors of Lisa having any boyfriend. Dedicating her entire life into the work, she had forgotten the importance of life. Or maybe, she has found life in her work.

Lisa had stated that she does not have time for a husband or children. Her job keeps her alive and it is what she want to dedicate her life into. She even underwent a plastic surgery for her face to look appealing for her job.

This is the reason why despite being 51 years old, she has looks of women in their thirties. She has an average height of 5 feet 6 inch and her body measurement are close to perfection.

Talking about her career, she is now the senior editor of CTV National News, Canada. Her devotion and her talent in this field has made her the most famous journalist in the history of the Canada.

Like many other people out there, Lisa started her career from a scratch. In 1988 she started as a copy writer and a script assistant in CKCO. Her caliber and competence awarded her the job of anchor in 1997. She stared working as a senior editor in CTV National news replacing Lloyd Robertson in 2011. She had also appeared as a co-host on Canada AM news.

Lisa is very supportive of her viewers and fans. She has thousands of followers on Twitter and she often tweets about her job and national issues. She has never been fired and knows how to keep her employer satisfied. She knows how to present herself in front of the TV and no one knows how to get the job done better than her.

Canada is called the great white north and being the most famous journalist in the entire Canada is no joke. She now earns six digit salary that goes up to whooping $400,000 per year. Considering this, her net worth must be quite impressive as well.