Has Jann Arden ever been married? Is she dating anyone?

HitBerryPublished on   23 Mar, 2016Updated on   23 Mar, 2016

Jann Arden has never been married. She had talked about her past love life that there were some guys with who she had romanced. But Arden refers herself as the hurter and hurtee as she has hurt other and she herself has been hurt by others. Arden says, “I don’t think I’m easy. I can be extremely selfish”.  But, recently Arden is not dating any guy as there is no any news about her current relationship status.

As Arden has never been married we cannot say that Arden has a husband and there does not come the thing like divorce in the life of an unmarried woman. Recently, she is single and does not have a boyfriend.

Being an unmarried girl, different speculations are made on the sexuality of Arden and many wonder whether or not she is a lesbian. Only God and Arden herself knows either she is a lesbian or not. We don’t want to make any gossip on her sexuality, she might be either straight or gay. But her sexuality cannot be judged through her unmarried life.

Some of the years of Arden’s life seems complicated for her as she had face her father’s drunken years, the time he left her, her younger brother Pat and a friend were disappeared for long time in a car on the tavern and later she ended up by dragging him out. Also there is the story of her older brother, Duray Richards, who troubled since his teen age and was sentenced of murder almost 20 years ago.

Arden refers her parents as the small-boned frigging people and also says that, “They should be on a key chain”. She even quotes them on the back of her book.  

Despite of the several difficult years, Arden is able to achieve enough success in her life with her talent. Arden is a Canadian pop singer and songwriter and she plays vocals and guitars. Arden is famous for her signature folk song Could I Be Your Girl and Insentive which has been her biggest hits till date.

Arden was noticed and discovered by her Calgary manager Neil MacGonigill, who worked with her from 1985 to 1988. Her success grew with songs of 1994’s Living under June, Insentive which was released as a single from the soundtrack to Christian Slater film Bed of Roses.

In addition being a singer and song writer, Arden is an author too and she had wrote the books like If I Knew, Don’t You Think I’d Tell You, etc. Plus to these, she also made her appearances in television Ellen and Corner Gas. Adren had done tour across the world for her stage performances or live shows.

Arden is a brilliant multi-dimensional talent. The net worth of Adren is $10 million.