Is Ana Navarro married? Who is she dating?

Ana Navarro; prominent Nicaraguan-born American republican strategist and political commentator. She came into the spotlight for her amazing work in CNN, ABC News, CNN en Espanol, Telemundo, and The View. Besides professional career, while talking about personal life, is Ana Navarro married or still dating her boyfriend?


Navarro served as the National Co-Chair of the Hispanic Advisory Council for John McCain in 2008 and Jon Huntsman Jr. in 2012. Moreover, she came into the spotlight after having controversies with Donald Trump. And you know, people linked with Donald Trump with always talked about. So, today, here we will be talking the personal life of Ana Navarro.

Is Ana Navarro married?

Ana Navarro is 46 years old. It's always a keen topic for everyone to know whether the talented political commentator is married or not. We all know, Navarro is too secretive regarding her personal life.

Her fans constantly followed and talked about her; however, still managed to keep all of her personal life locked inside a box.

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CAPTION: Ana Navarro SOURCE: Floridapolitics

As per different sources, there is no any news regarding her marital life ever published in the media. Also, we have never heard anything related to her wedding. So, we can claim that Navarro is not married yet.

Ana Navarro Dating Gene Prescott

This might be the bad news for you all. It's true that Navarro is not married yet, but, there comes news that she is happily dating Gene Prescott for a very long time. Prescott is the president of Coral Gable's Biltmore Hotel. As per sources, the couple started dating in the last few years.

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CAPTION: Ana Navarro and Gene Prescott at Lee Schrager's 'Fried SOURCE: socialmiami

Gene Prescott is a Democratic fund-raiser and president of the Coral Gable's Biltmore Hotel. Actually, Prescott is 26 years older than Navarro. Looks like, age is just a number.

Prescott revealed that he loves spending time with his girlfriend sipping his cappuccino with biscotti in the courtyard of his hotel's Fontana restaurant.

Yes, the couple has not tied the knot yet. There is no any engagement news by far.  But there is no doubt that they are enjoying the best moment of their life. Till the date, there is no any news regarding their separation discussed in the media, thus we can claim that they are happily involved.

Ana Navarro's Instagram Posts

When we surf around Ana Navarro's Instagram account, we found out her numerous pictures with her boyfriend, Gene Prescott. Those pictures clearly reflect their happiness of being together. Check out their pictures here below…

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CAPTION: Ana Navarro and Gene Prescott SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Ana Navarro and Gene Prescott SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Ana Navarro and Gene Prescott SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Ana Navarro and Gene Prescott SOURCE: Instagram

Ana Navarro's Children

Gene and Ana do not have any children till the date. However, Prescott was previously married and blessed with two children with his ex-wife. Now, he has three grandsons and a granddaughter.

While checking her Instagram account, Navarro shared many pictures with the grandchildren. It seems like she often spends time with them. She shares a strong bond with them. You can check the photos here…

CAPTION: Ana Navarro and Gene Prescott SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Ana Navarro and Gene Prescott SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Ana Navarro and Gene Prescott children SOURCE: Instagram

These pictures clearly reflect her happiness. There is no doubt that she is happily enjoying her relationship with Gene Prescott.

Ten Facts about Ana Navarro

1. Ana Navarro's full name is Ana Violeta Navarro Flores.
2. Ana Navarro was born on  December 28, 1971, and is 46 years old.
3. Ana Navarro was born in Nicaragua.
4. Ana Navarro started his professional career in 1998.
5. Ana Navarro's net worth is in millions.
6. Ana Navarro now resides in Miami, Florida, U.S.
7. Ana Navarro is not married till the date.
8. Ana Navarro is dating Gene Prescott for a long time.
9. Ana Navarro's boyfriend Gene Prescott 26 years older than her.
10. Ana Navarro is 5 feet 5 inches tall.