How Well Do You Know the Late Night Show Host Jimmy Fallon? Know Fallon in Five interesting Facts

An American comedian and actor, Jimmy Fallon is best known for as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. And after he took over the Tonight Show, Jimmy evolved into a household name in the world of comedy. Here are five interesting facts about Jimmy Fallon.


Starting a career as a stand-up comedian, Jimmy now has an estimated net worth of $35 million. So don’t you want to know the about his interesting career which made him earn $35 million? Get to know more interesting facts about Jimmy Fallon in detail. Let get started.

Five facts you need to know about Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy was born on September 19, 1974, in the Bay Ridge of Brooklyn as Jimmy Thomas Fallon. He is German, Norwegian descent and Irish. He completed his high school graduation from Saugerties High School in 1992 and then attended The College of Saint Rose with a major subject of computer science.

5. Jimmy Fallon- Vowed to commit suicide

It’s a true fact that Jimmy was vowed to commit suicide if he didn’t make Saturday Night live before he turned 25. And very lucky of Jimmy that he made it when he was 24.

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4. Jimmy Fallon- A College dropped out

Well, Jimmy was just one semester short of the completion of his graduation. After 15 years of dropping out in 2009, he went back to the college diploma and finally received bachelor’s degree. He left his college to pursue his career as a comedian.

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CAPTION: Jimmy Fallon- A College dropped out SOURCE: NBC New York

3. Nicole Kidman had a crush on Jimmy Fallon

The most beautiful woman in 2002, Nicole Kidman has a huge crush on Jimmy. But she was rejected twice by Jimmy. Because Jimmy never thought that he would have a chance with Nicole Kidman as he was already married.

Youtube: Jimmy Fallon Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman

2. Jimmy Fallon- Involved in bar fights

Not many times but, he has been in few bar fights. One of the former cast member of SN- pal Horatio Sans said that when he and Jimmy were on SNL, they get involved in several bar battles. 

Back in 2014, Jimmy was involved in a brawl at the bar in Niagara in New York City. As per some of the sources, he just walked into the bar and got beat up by the DJ and Left. The customers were angry with him.

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CAPTION: Jimmy Fallon- Involved in bar fights SOURCE: KiddNation

1. Jimmy Fallon- Make Lorne Michaels laugh

Jimmy Fallon is one of the cast members of SNL cast who makes Lorne Michaels laugh. Because Lorne is highly recognized for his no-nonsense manner, but Jimmy was the one who made him laugh.

CAPTION: Jimmy Fallon- Make Lorne Michaels laugh SOURCE: Just Jared

As Jimmy’s impression of Adam Sandler cracked him up, and eventually Michaels was spotted on the show.