Maroon 5 and Jimmy Fallon Secretly Busks in NYC Subway

Maroon 5 and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon surprised NYC subway commuters by performing "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" inside the 50th Street subway station. The stars concealed themselves as ordinary buskers with an impromptu concert as crowds started to gather around them even before they revealed their identities.

Both Maroon 5 star Adam Levine and The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon wore sunglasses, hats, wigs and fake beard and performed as the part of the new episode of The Tonight Show.

Onlookers were completely taken by surprise when Fallon and Levine took off their disguises prompting huge gasps, cheers, and laughter from the audience. Fallon entertained and engaged the audience with selfies and back vocals whereas the Maroon 5 frontman was more focused on performing.

Before Fallon ditched his disguise at the end of the song, he said "'We're gonna do one more song for you guys,' 'But first I'd just like to say hello, my name is Jimmy Fallon!'

Commuters dashed across to be serenaded by Levine and Fallon, with cell phones ready to record and share the impromptu concert.

Jimmy Fallon and Marron 5 in disguise Jimmy Fallon and Marron 5 in disguise, source: Daily Mail


Maroon 5 and jimmy Fallon Busks in NYC Subway Maroon 5 and Jimmy Fallon Busks in NYC Subway, source: Daily Mail

Fallon had taken a week off to mourn and cope with the passing of his mother Gloria earlier this month, the show aired this week with Fallon paying tribute to her in one of the episodes.

Meanwhile, Maroon 5 released their sixth studio album 'Red Pill Blues' earlier this month, and this was a perfect opportunity to promote their new album amongst the fans.

Fallon has already busked with the likes of U2 and Miley Cyrus in the NYC Subway previously causing similar reactions from the onlooking fans and commuters.