Mischievous Miley Cyrus and funky Jimmy Fallon dropped unsuspected photobombs over completely ignorant fans!

We all know how funny Jimmy Fallon is, right? He never fails to amaze his fans and make them laugh their heart out. He’s done something fun to amaze his fans again. Fallon, together with American singer Miley Cyrus, nearly dropped some fans dead. Together, they decided to give a mini heart attack to their fans. But, what did they do this time? Let’s see what and how they did what they did.

Ok, one honest question, What would you do if you saw these two celebrities unexpectedly behind you? If it were for me, I would almost have a heart attack, that is what you'd be thinking right now, isn't it? Well, some of the fans were lucky last night, for they no longer have to wonder about this question anymore, because it literally happened to them.

Yes, these rockstars acted as if they were spoilt punks again! And the photos will make you love them more. Here are some of the shots where you can see their expressions, "It's a killer".

The two doing their funny jobs. Source: ET

The fans getting shocked. Source: Just Jared Jr.

Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon surprised some fans while taking pictures in “The Voice” photo booth and their priceless reactions were shown on “The Tonight Show” on October third.

The most priceless reaction is when the fans look at one of them and get shocked and then look at the other and get double shocked. I bet that if you see the video, you will not stop until you've watched it minimum 10 times.