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How old is Richard Rawlings wife? Know the reason for divorce with Suzanne Rawlings

February 18, 2018
First published on:December 9, 2016
by John

The famous Cannonball run's host Richard Rawlings who hosted many car related shows for Discovery and many others is a TV personality and a car dealer. The famous Gas Monkey Garage owner Richard Rawlings was married to Suzanne Rawlings and was divorced.


Now, the rumor claims that the former couple is willing to tie the knot once again. Let's find out if the rumors are true, in this column of today's article. According to Rawlings millions of his fans have this question about him and Suzanne.

Knowing that we are in today's digest going to talk all about his previous failed marriage and recent rumor of him re-marrying Suzanne once again.

So, without further delay, we present to you the personal life of your favorite TV personality Richard Rawling of The Gas Monkey Garage.

Suzanne Mergele and Richard Rawlings Marriage

The car enthusiast married his longtime lover Suzanne Mergele on 7th August 1997, for the first time. The couple was together for twelve long years. The duo officially ended a decade-long married relationship on 14th August 2009.  

Suzanne Mergele and Richard Rawlings Suzanne Mergele and Richard Rawlings  Source: starcasm

The couple separated because Richard was in the middle of promotion for his First ever show Fast N Loud. His busy schedule made it completely impossible for the couple to keep up with each other.

So, the busy schedule gave rise to the misunderstanding which made the couple separated.

Reunited again After Separation

"True love finds its way even after things go wrong", Totally true for Richard And Suz! The couple had no idea that the five years of separation will actually bring them so close to each other.

The couple was seeing each other even after they separated as good friends but the story of their reunion is pretty amazing.

It was spur-of-the-moment down in Cabo in January, Came down to Cabo to surprise my best friend on his birthday and ended up remarrying my other best friend! GYSOT!!

Suzanne Mergele and Richard Rawlings Kissing Suzanne Mergele and Richard Rawlings Kissing  Source: starcasm

The love story reflourished in Cabo Rawlings told DWF.COM and also posted his picture with Suzanne kissing her on Facebook. Surprise, surprise; They re-married each other again.

The couple planned to surprise their old family friend on his birthday in Cabo but ended up marrying each other once again.

Richard and Suzanne are running A Gas Monkey Bar And Grill together

The lovely couple who went through a lot of ups and downs in their married life have found a common passion for food. And now, they are branching out their garage as well as a Bar And Grill called Gas Monkey Bar And Grill together.

Rawling family is happy now and we hope this wedding opens up a new Avenue in the life of this two lovely couple.

Suzanne Mergele and Richard Rawlings Suzanne Mergele and Richard Rawlings

The love between them feels so immense. Furthermore, the rumor of Richard being Gay and the rumors of divorce between the lovebirds have been a long-forgotten joke of early 2000's.

We hope the couple stays happy from now on till forever.  

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