How much is Dominique Sachse's Net Worth and Salary? Disclose her Earnings, House, Pet, Donations, and Charities

The Emmy winning TV host, Dominique Sachse who is also known as a renowned YouTube star has collected lots of cash through her professional career and is living a luxurious life.


News Reporters are well famous nowadays as they are followed more than stars. Dominique Sachse is also a TV host who is famous than most of the filming stars and players out there. Today, we will discuss the YouTuber aka TV host Dominique Sachse's net worth, salary, pet, earnings, sources of income, lifestyle, donations, and charities right below:

Dominique Sachse's Net Worth and Salary

Dominique Sachse's net worth is estimated to be around $5.4 million. Her TV show and Radio Jockey job bag her as much as $500 thousand as an annual salary. It is a well-known fact that the TV hosts earn much, so it's not a question as to how she made her worth, isn't it?

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CAPTION: Dominique Sachse SOURCE: Instagram

Apart from that, she also has a YouTube channel with her own name. The channel has videos of her teaching makeup skills. As she has 508K subscribers, her estimated monthly earnings from YouTube videos is around $806-$12.9K. And her yearly earning from the same channel is expected to be around $9.7K-$154.7K.

Dominique Sachse's House

The make-up artist currently resides in Houston home which is made of 5,000 square feet. The worth of her Houston house is around $10 million.

CAPTION: Dominique Sachse's house SOURCE: Instagram

The house has a spacious outdoor as it also has a swimming pool in it. And, as for indoors, the house has a cozy feeling to it with a fireplace surrounded by some vintage sofa sets.

CAPTION: Dominique Sachse's living room SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Dominique Sachse's dining room SOURCE: Instagram

Apart from that, her house has a large dining table with a nice view of outdoors.  

Dominique Sachse’s pet

We all know, the TV host Dominique Sachse is an animal enthusiast and loves to be around animals. For her love of animals, she has been taking care of her pet dog named Oscar.

CAPTION: Dominique Sachse with her pet Oscar SOURCE: Instagram

The pup is five years’ old Lhasa Apso. In the US market, the dog costs around $600-$2000. According to the YouTuber, her pet dog is the reason for her joy and laughter in the home.

Dominique Sachse as a philanthropist

Not only that, but Sachse is also known to the world as a social worker. She donates thousands of dollars to some charity funds. According to some tabloids sources, she has been helping in an African women healthcare facilities. Apart from that, she has mostly been helping the expectant mothers during their pregnancy.

CAPTION: Dominique Sachse with her husband SOURCE: Instagram

All in all, the TV host and YouTuber has earned a huge amount of money living a lavish lifestyle.