Is American Football Cornerback Julian Posey Single or Married? Disclose his Past Relationship

February 5, 2018
First Published On: February 5, 2018
by Ryan Lee

Julian Pose is a renowned person in the field of American Football. With a huge fan following, both male and female, he has created a fortune for himself that cannot be calculated in terms of money. As a 29-year guy, he is sure to have a ton of love affairs. What do you think of his romantic relationships; does he have anyone special?


The male fans are attracted towards his breathtaking gameplays whereas the other half is crazy about his physical attributes. Especially most of his female fans want to date him and are eagerly waiting to know if he's single. Today, we will be disclosing about his private life. So to know if he's in a relationship or not, keep scrolling down.

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Julian Posey past affairs

Julian Lamar Posey who is currently a free agent was in a romantic relationship with the beautiful Australian model, Shanina Shaik.

[ CAPTION: Julian Posey with Shanina Shaik ][ SOURCE: Daily Mail ]

Well as mentioned, Posey has a good chunk of happy time memories with Shanina Shaik. They started dating back in the year 2014. The couple shared lots of lovely moments together. However, it didn't last forever. They didn't publicize about their separation. Maybe it was Julian's growing fame or it was the timing issue and tight schedule but the lovebirds silently slipped away all the heat of separation.

[ CAPTION: Julian Posey with Shanina Shaik ][ SOURCE: ]

Well, talking about his past affairs, he wasn't seen in a relationship with other girls. While talking about Shanina Shaik, she got engaged with DJ Ruckus in January of 2016. In recent days, Posey isn't necessarily seen dating someone but her former girlfriend Shaik is reportedly engaged to another man who is a famous DJ. DJ and Shaik reportedly met each other which is under review.

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Girls, Julian is still single

After a short-lived relationship with Shanina Shaik, Julian Posey is again single and ready to mingle... The news of his freedom from the past relationship is seen as a boon for his female fans. Isn't is true girls?

[ CAPTION: Julian Posey ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

Apart from fame and wealth, the athlete has bodily structures that women crave upon. Posey has the height of 1.80 meters and the weight of 86 kg to leave a tasteful impression on girls. He also has an athletic body and facial structures to match it all up. 

Since Julain is currently single, you might get a chance to date him. so, dear girls, try out your luck.

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Julian Posey Relationship with Family and Teammates

Julian Posey is the delightful person who respects his family and teammates. He became the renowned player not only by his talent but also the support of his family and teammates.

[ CAPTION: Julian Posey with his friend ][ SOURCE: Zimbio ]

While looking at his twitter account, he talks about his teammates. He is an inspiration to the younger generation. So, we can say that he has a good son of his parents and loyal partner of his mates.