How is Todd Chrisley's Son Kyle Chrisley's Professional and Personal Career? Is he Happy with it?

Do you know Todd Chrisley from the reality TV show, Chrisley Knows Best? Then, you should also remember Todd's son, Kyle Chrisley. What else do you know about his personal life, except being the son of a millionaire businessman?


For today, we have chosen the life of Kyle Chrisley to discuss. Apart from the personal talks, we will also go through the professional life of Kyle. Also, we will get a bit information about his journey in life and look at his current being. Let's cut to the chase, shall we?

Kyle Chrisley in Personal Matters?

Well, we all know Kyle as the son of the businessman Todd Chrisley. And, some of us recognize him from the reality TV show Chrisley Knows Best. So, what else do you know about him?

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Kyle Chrisley was born to the millionaire father, Todd Chrisley on August 29, 1991. Since then he has been living his life full of high-end luxury days. He is a married man as he got married to wife, Alexis Whilby-Chrisley since his break up with the previous girlfriend, Angela Victoria Johnson. With Angela, Kyle has a 5 years' old daughter named Chloe Chrisley. Why did they break up?

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What ended Kyle and his ex-girlfriend's relationship?

Kyle Chrisley was since his teenage days an avid drug addict. And, in addition to that, he was also a fighter of the disease called Maniac Depressive Disorder or as most of the people know it as Bipolar Disorder. The two factors caused their relationship to end on a really bad note.

[ CAPTION: Angela Johnson with her child Chloe Chrisley ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

According to Angela, the relationship with Kyle used to be an abusive one. As Kyle was suffering from the disease, he used to attack his ex-girlfriend. He had attacked Angela while she was pregnant. Besides attacking Angela, he also threatened to stab her with a knife. He was once found to throw a bottle towards his wife. The bottle also hit Chloe with the shards.

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This really stirs up a question in our minds as to who their daughter Chloe is living with now, doesn't it? Well, Chloe is happily living with her grandparents now. She is also a part of the family show, Chrisley Knows Best. Even though the 26 years' old does not have full rights towards his daughter, he still has the right to support and visit his child.

A heated father-son relationship: Kyle and Todd Chrisley

As we have already mentioned, Kyle had two major problems: drug and bipolar disorder. The same problems made their way to become the most hated thing for his father.

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The relationship between the two reality stars is not good enough for the father and son to even talk about. Their relationship might have changed after Kyle allegedly tried to kill his wife with the knife. There was one time when Kyle described his father as a vicious snake and a bankrupt.

A bit of professional touch!

Kyle was a part of his father's reality TV show Chrisley Knows Best. But, he had to call it quits as he was more of a drug addict during the running of Season 2. What is he doing after he was kicked from the show?

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Well, he is currently living with his wife, Alexis and is now thinking of starting a new family with her. With Alexis, he started a country song band of their own with Shame on You as their first song. Since then, the couple is continuing on their journey towards music and love.

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Some months ago, to be exact, June 17, 2017, Kyle and Alexis bought a 3000 sq. foot house in Georgia. Currently, Kyle is making his way up along his musical journey with Alexis. Well, we can only hope for the best. With all these information for you to soak in, we'll just call it a day!