Former Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham Goes Commando — Glimpse At Her Major Wardrobe Malfunction At Cannes!

May 16, 2018
First Published On: May 16, 2018

The former Teen Mom reality star Farrah Abraham goes Commando and flashes Cameraman at Cannes Film Festival. Take a glimpse at her major wardrobe malfunction at Cannes.


Oops! Farrah Abraham sported a gorgeous gold gown at the Cannes Film Festival, but the sexy gown was designed more revealing than she could expect.

The former adult star outfit featured ultra-high slit in the front and displayed a bit more than she had actually bargained for and felt odd at Cannes. Last night Abraham who was fired over her decision to continue adult entertainment industry accidentally flashed her private parts to the photographer at films festival.

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Abraham walking in the red carpet suffered a wardrobe malfunction and the high-slit dress opens up to reveal she was going completely commando underneath the sexy design. Despite the risky cut up the front she decided not to wear an underwear.

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CAPTION: Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham Goes Commando — Gli SOURCE: Pinterest

The photographers were busy snapping the 26 years old didn’t seem to notice the mishap as she was busy smiling and posing for the pictures. Then she joined the growing number of stars at the festival.

Later she took her Instagram to share the dress she wore on the Cannes and joked “Cannes has its Farrah- Share of Fashion.”

Looks like she didn’t actually care what happened last night as a few hours ago she was busy advertising a lollipop that she takes when she feels hungry between meals.


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Abraham is recently back from a vacation in Fiji including her daughter Sophia, where they had a lot of fun at a villa at the Wavi Island.