Five Facts you need to know about Jesse James

April 18, 2018
First Published On: April 18, 2018
by Jessica Gomez

The leader of James-Young Gang, Jesse James was a famous American Outlaw. He was shot in the chest while he was attempting the surrender to the Union soldier near Lexington but he recovered from the shot. Today we present some of the interesting facts about Jesse James.


Jesse James reportedly earned the nickname- Dingus after he shoots off the tip of his finger while cleaning a pistol. So without any delay, let’s know five interesting facts about Jesse James in detail.

Five facts you need to know about Jesse James

Jesse James was born on September 5, 1847, in the US. He had two siblings, a brother Alexander Franklin and sister- Susan Lavenia James. His real father left the family in 1850 so he grew up in Missouri with a stepfather.

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5. Jesse James- A freedom fighter

Jess got tangled as a freedom fighter against the Mexican army but he fails to catch the man he wants to hunt so he and his brother joined a gang which was led by William- Bloody Bill.

CAPTION: Jesse James- A freedom fighter
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They participated in a number of vicious incidents, including a September 1864 raid on Centralia, Missouri. There’s also one novel- Jesse Jame’s Battle for Freedom: or the Fight at Monclova which is a collection of series of events related to Jesse Jame’s adventure.

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4. Jesse James- Murdered at 34

When Jesse James was in his rented home in St. Joseph, his assassin- Robert Ford shot him in the back of his head. Not only Bob but also his brother was involved in the shooting. Both of them were the member of Jesse’s gang.

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Earlier in the year, Bob had arranged a deed with the governor of Missouri to take down Jesse James and after that Bob announced that they had killed the outlaw James. After that, they were convicted of murder and were arrested but the governor forgave them.

3. Jesse James’s own Pistol was used to kill him

It’s true that Jesse's own pistol was used to kill Jesse. Jesse trusted the Ford brothers and they were the ones who killed him. 

CAPTION: Jesse James’s own Pistol was used to kill him
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They shot him in the back of the head in 1882 on April 3 in the greed of the bounty that the governor had placed on James's head.

2. Jesse James- A fake death?

Well, after Jesse's death, there were several speculations regarding his fake death and people even though someone else was buried instead of Jesse. In the same years, many men claimed to be Jess James.

CAPTION: Jesse James- A fake death?

And finally, a group of scientist tried to resolve the question- Who was buried? After testing DNA, the researcher concluded that the exhumed remains were of the 19th-century outlaw- Jesse James.

1. Jesse James- Remains a controversial Symbol

It’s a fact that Jesse remains a controversial symbol even after his death. As he could be reinterpreted in many ways as per the culture needs and tensions. He was also regarded as a hero of the neo-Confederate.

CAPTION: Jesse James- Remains a controversial Symbol
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He is also remembered as someone who renewed cultural battle over Civil War affected America and later history of America replaced the long-standing interpretation of Jesse as- A Western Frontier Hero.