Five Facts You Need to Know about Charles Sobhraj

January 12, 2018
First Published On: January 12, 2018

The person who is best known by the name Bikini Killer, Charles Sobhraj is the notorious serial killer who killed more than 12 women.

Charles is also counted among the Asia biggest lawbreaker and is known for killing and shrugging between 12 and 24 western tourists in the 1970s. There are many other shocking facts that you need to know about the Bikini Killer Charles Sobhraj. Just stick with us.

Five Facts You Didn't Know About The Serial Killer, Charles Sobhraj

Charles Sobhraj was born on 6 April 1944 at Saigon, French Indochina as Hatched Bhaonani Gurumukh Charles Sobhraj. He was born to an Indian father and Vietnamese mother. After Charles' parent separated, he was adopted by his mother's boyfriend.

Charles Sobhraj- Master Prison Breaker

The handsome gems expert, Charles was exceptionally liked by Women. He is also known as a master prison breaker because he used to be the only prison breaker who was something no one had ever seen! Confused? Scroll down!

[ CAPTION: Charles Sobhraj ][ SOURCE: Spiegel Online ]

During the period of his imprisonment, he smuggled drugs inside the prison and mixed them in sweets and distributed those sweets to the security guards, saying it was his birthday. The poor guards were unaware of his intention and fell unconscious. Then, the master killer walked out of the central jail without any troubles.

Charles Sobhraj- Famous by various names

Charles is known as The Serpent. He was called with the name because of his cunning skill of betrayal and escape.

He is also known as Mass Murderer because he killed 12-24 people and left no any evidence.

This killer is also known as Bikini Killer. The name was tagged to him just because most of the victims whom he killed were found in a swimsuit.

[ CAPTION: Charles Sobhraj- The Bikini Killer ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Charles Sobhraj- Never Killed good people

During an interview, Charles said that he never kills good people. He explained that the reason behind his crime as cleaning the society which is full of bad peoples.

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Charles Sobhraj- Charming personality

After being famous as a murderer, prison breaker, he is fluent in many languages. He has a charming personality that everyone could easily believe him. He is also known for his way, especially with women.

[ CAPTION: Charles Sobhraj ][ SOURCE: Alchetron ]

His mode of operation is to be friend with the victims easily and later loot or drug, and kill. And his first known victim was American Teresa Knowlton. She was found in a pool in Thailand.

Charles Sobhraj- Killed people with Kindness

Literally talking about Charles, he killed people with his kindness. During his Killing Sprees years, he killed 10 travelers who were traveling through India, Nepal, and Thailand.

Talking about the way he kills them: he first becomes friendly with them and made them think that there is nobody friendlier than him.