Five Facts About George Jung' Daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung

Sam SmithPublished on   08 Jul, 2018Updated on   08 Jul, 2018

Kristina Sunshine Jung, the daughter of the notorious drug dealer George Jung, became famous among us after she appeared in the movie Blow portrayed by Emma Roberts featuring her father in 2001.


The unhappy ending of the father and daughter was shown in the movie, Blow was based on Kristina's real life. Did daughter Kristina ever visit her father George in the jail? Check out the facts below to find out if she ever did that and knew about her relationships and other relationships. 

1. Kristina Sunshine Jung's Childhood

Being born on May 22, 1978, she was born to father, George Jung, and mother, Mirtha Jung who was widely known as the cocaine smuggler during 70s and 80s. Kristina faced many difficulties in her childhood days in comparison to others.

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CAPTION: Kristina Sunshine Jung SOURCE: Eceleb-Gossip

Even after Kristina's birth, her parents didn't leave the smuggling business due to which she was given less time. She spent most of her childhood in grandparents house. She was raised by her aunties and grandparents.

2. Kristina Sunshine Jung's Parents Divorce

Life was difficult for Kristina since her parents were drug dealers. As we all know, nasty work doesn't pay off, the life of Kristina's parents also didn't give them what they wanted. With increased conflict, her parents decided it was better to get separated than stay together. 

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CAPTION: Kristina Sunshine Jung's father George Jung SOURCE: TMZ
CAPTION: Kristina Sunshine Jung's mother, Mirtha Jung SOURCE: Pinterest

After the divorce of Kristina's parents, she moved with her mother, Mirtha. Mirtha struggled a lot financially to raise her daughter. Later on, Kristina's maternal parents took her responsibility.

3. Kristina Sunshine Jung's Relationship with parents

Well, no one in this world will think of hating their parents even if their parents are illegal workers. The drug smuggler was found guilty by the court, and he was subject to 60 years of jail time by the federal court. 

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CAPTION: Kristina Sunshine Jung with her father, George Jung SOURCE: WikicelebInfo

The Movie, Blow, shows the bittersweet relationship between father and daughter. The movie shows the real relationship between the father and the daughter. Kristina never visited him in jail. The movie was released in 2001, and a lot has changed since then. 

The two started reconciling and were seen together at public events and functions. Kristina also wished him on his 74th birthday. The father and the daughter have created a clothing brand called BG Apparel and Merchandise. So, yes, Kristina and her father have reconciled a lot.  

4. Kristina Sunshine Jung's Personal Life

The 39 years Kristina Sunshine is a married woman. As per the tabloid source, she is married to husband Romain Karan. The couple has also already welcomed a daughter Athena Romina Karan. However, we are unable to find out whether the couple is together or not.

But some of the gossip mongers claim that the happy family currently resides in California.

5. Kristina Sunshine Jung's Net Worth

Kristian once updated a status saying herself as a writer and a poetess in her Facebook. Kristine Sunshine Jung's net worth is around $150 thousand. However, her income sources and salary has not been disclosed anywhere.

As she used to keep herself away from the limelight, it very hard for us to disclose the source of income. But, the lady has proved herself to be a successful promoter of the clothing line BG Apparel and merchandise.