Kristina Sunshine Jung' Mother Mirtha Jung: Know about her Personal Life

June 18, 2018
First Published On: March 24, 2017

Do you know about Mirtha Jung? Well, she is Kristina Sunshine Jung' mother and ex-wife of George Jung; one of the largest drug traffickers and smugglers in the American history. Mirtha Jung married George Jung during his years as a smuggler for the Medellin cartel.


Mirtha Jung being a wife of George was portrayed in the portrayal movie Blow which was released in 2001. She is also known as a mother of Kristina Sunshine Jung who is known as a writer and a poetess.

Kristina Sunshine Jung' Mother Mirtha Jung's Personal Life

Mirtha Jung rose to fame after her name was linked with George. So, it's hard to find out her early life and family background. However, we came to know that she belongs to the Colombian descent. 

One thing that took Mirtha to the limelight is her portrayal role in the movie Blow where her character was portrayed by Penelope Cruz, the very famous Spanish actress and model. In the movie, she has performed as the girlfriend of one of George's smuggling partners from who he stole her away.

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Mirtha JungMirtha Jung   Source: Zoli Bebe

Mirtha is a strong and independent woman throughout her career. However, she was addicted to cocaine which was also presented in the movie. Her addiction to cocaine resulted in some mutual fights with her husband.

There are no any reliable sources that claim about her personal life. The entire information is collected through her portrayal role in the Blow.

Mirtha organized a function in their home in Eastham on an occasion of George's 38th birthday where she invited most of George's past friends. On the other hand, at the same party, the FBI and DA arrested George for the possession of cocaine in his own home.

One of the largest American drug smuggler George JungOne of the largest American drug smuggler George Jung   Source: Celebrity Net Worth

Later, George was sentenced to the jail for 20 years. During that time their daughter Kristina was just nine years, so then Mirtha decided to keep her daughter away from her past life. She managed to hide the entire past life from her daughter.

More about Kristina Sunshine Jung

Kristina is better known for being the daughter of George Jung. Apart from her recognition due to her father, she is well-known as a writer and a poet. She hit the fame due to her portrayal role in the movie Blow where Emma Roberts played her role. 

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Kristina Sunshine JungKristina Sunshine Jung  Source: E-know info

As shown in the film Blow, Kristina never visited her father when he was in jail. However, she met her father after he was released from the jail in 2014. But George revealed that Kristina had visited him a few times while he was in prison.

The notorious American drug smuggler George was once again sentenced to the jail after two years of his release in 2016. This time he was charged with violating his parole while on the other hand, he blamed these all on his manager. 

TMZ reported that Jung and his daughter Kristina talked on the telephone since his release and it also said that their reconciliation had started a couple of years before he released.

Ten Facts about Mirtha Jung

1. Mirtha Jung DOB is unknown but her birthday is celebrated every 3rd of December.
2. Mirtha Jung belongs to Cuban descent.
3. Mirtha Jung was married to George Jung
4. George was the only man Mirtha ever loved.
5. Mirtha Jung gave birth to Kristina Jung on August 1, 1978.
6. Mirtha Jung spent three years in prison for drug involvement.
7. Mirtha Jung married George in 1977.
8. Mirtha and George separated after seven years in 1984.
9. Mirtha organized a function in their home on an occasion of George's 38th birthday.
10. Mirtha Jung's daughter Kristina Jung is a writer and a poet.