Is Lele Pons Single? Know her Love Affairs and Relationship

Who thought a Latina girl will become an internet sensation of this era. Lele Pon, a Vine star has achieved a lot at such a young age which we can only dream of.  Vine became a key for internet fame for this Latina and over past few years, Pon gained a big number of followers and the number is still rising.

One question always remains constant among her fans, who is Lele Pons Dating?

Is Lele Pons Single?

The 20-year-old Pons has over 19.2 millions of followers and 5.8 million subscribers on youtube. And it's obvious, even her small controversies will make lots of buzzes on the internet. So, the question is 'Is Lele seeing anyone'?

When it comes to Lele's personal life, she is not among the celebrities who tend to keep their personalities inside the black box. Well, most of the time you can see Lele featuring in lots of other viners and youtube videos and you might be wondering some of them might be the one who she is dating? Pons has been rumored to be dating King Bach, but they haven't really come out as a couple.

Lele Pons, source:

Most of her collaboration is among with viners Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi, and Juanpa Zurita. But they are just the fellow Viner who she keeps on collaborating with.

Lele Pons & Anwar Jibawi, source: i.ytmig

Where other celebrities take no time to disclose their relationship, Lele Pons is preferred to seal up to her love life in recent days. When you go through Lele's Instagram, you may notice that she hasn't confessed anything when it comes to her love life.

In Oct 2017, Pons posted a video kissing a handsome guy. But wait, we are getting nowhere from this video and neither are you. Likewise, this video is one of her funny videos with a caption " When you don't like our friend's bae".

Lele Pons' Love Affairs and Past Relationships

Vine star, Lele has been in several relationships, not with the actors but with her fellow YouTubers. So, without any delay, let's unwrap all of her past affairs.

If you have ever come across Pons' vines and other weekly videos, then you have probably heard the name Twan Kuyper somewhere. Well, this handsome was linked with her between January and April 2015.

They didn't actually come out as a couple, but there is no smoke without fire. This rumored couple often shared adorable pictures together and their fans gave them a tag of a new couple in the youtube.

Twan Kuyper AND Lele Pons, source:i.ytimg

Another vine star King Bach was rumored to be dating to Pons back in 2016. But like her previous relationships, this was also rumored aired by their fans.

Lele Pons and King Bach, source: i.y

Keeping all her rumors aside, another fellow YouTuber Juanpa Zurita was in a relationship with Pons. After frequently appearing in Pons vines, short youtube videos and even on her Instagram posts, they became the newest couple to gossip about in the town.

Lele Pons & Juanpa Zurita, source:

The topic is so hot on the internet that even Lele Pons took on youtube to clear the air with a tweet back in Jun 2016.

Sadly, this was not the video, Pons fans were looking out for. Lele's shut down the rumors saying:

No! We're not dating.

Check out this video.

All of the sudden after this videos, Lele gave her fans a spin, when she gave Juanan a public kiss. Confusing right? Pons herself took on Instagram without no hesitation to post this adorable pictures of them kissing. So did she really confirm her relationship?

Apart from these, there are no any facts on this beauty's relationship. You might hear the news of Lele dating Logan Paul here and there, but they didn't really come as a couple to the public.