Criminal Minds Seasons 13 Was Amazingly Great Says Joe Mantegna & Kirsten Vangsness, Know Why ?

April 25, 2018
First Published On: April 25, 2018
by arjun

The only question that bothers much is why was Criminal Minds Season 13 amazingly great to both stars Joe Mantegna and Kirsten Vangsness. The actors say we love doing the show.


Doing the same job every week might be exhausting and week off can be the solution to avoid the mental struggle of many people. But the case is different with Criminal Minds show biggest stars Joe Mantegna and Kirsten Vangsness.

Both are fond of their role and had they keep on appearing with the familiar faces dropping help to the newest iteration of the BAU team.

When CinemaBlend asked the actors about the show shocking final and Mantegna replied “It’s been great. That’s why it went so fast. We all agreed to talk about the entire company. I think we all felt it just kinda went in the blink of an eye.”

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“You know, some people have been on this show for 13 years.I spend 11 years. And that enough time to find a groove and get into it and get comfortable. It’s been great, and we look forward to year 14,” added Mantegna.

The star also discussed the possibility of season 14 getting ordered up at CBS.