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Criminal Mind Actor Shemar Moore is in relationship with Kirsten Vangsness, Is he marrying soon?

January 22, 2018
First published on:December 1, 2016
by John

We all do know who Shemar Moore is, right! And his good looks make everyone fall in love with him so deep that it is almost impossible to get off. Lol.

Well, today, it’s about his relationship with Kirsten Vangsness. They have been seen kissing each other, and there are rumors that they are dating. Is that true? And even if that is, is he gonna marry her? Find out.

Shemar Moore and Kirsten Vangsness

According to femmeactuelle, they aren’t really having any sorta affair. Though they kiss each other in public; and despite all the love they have for each other, reality differs so much from what it seems like.

We can confirm this cuz Shemar once spoke about it with the media. He jokingly says “We should do a video where we kiss, when one is in bed and pretend to make love' Just to hallucinate the internet." So, this is a pretty big proof to confirm that they aren’t dating.

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Kirsten and Shemar sharing a kiss.

Kirsten and Shemar sharing a kiss.

Source: femmeactuelle

Is he gonna marry her?

To let you guys know, Shemar is actually dating Shawna Gordon and he says that they met during the year 2014. And with pictures that went viral on the internet, it looks like they are quite happy with each other.

You can see it for yourselves. So, we can assure you that Shemar and Kirsten are not really getting married. They are just good friends.

Shawna and Shemar

Shawna and Shemar

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Who is Shemar Moore?

Shemar Franklin Moore is a former model and an American actor. He is most popular for his role as "Derek Morgan" on CBS’s "Criminal Minds".

Before his career as an actor got on board, he appeared on the cover of different popular magazines like ‘Men’s Fitness’ magazine. Moreover, he has appeared in top class movies like: "The Bounce Back", "Kill me, Deadly", "The Seat Filler", etcetera.

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Who is Kirsten Vangsness?

Kirsten Simone Vangsness is a writer and an American actress; she currently stars as FBI Technical Analyst "Penelope Garcia" on the CBS drama "Criminal Minds".

Speaking of her movies, she featured in movies like "The Chicago 8", "Kill Me, Deadly", "Axis", "In My Sleep" and more. Apart from movies, her writing has been published in the "Los Angeles Times"; she has also co-written two of the episodes of "Criminal Minds". At present, she resides with her boyfriend, Keith Hanson.

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