Kirsten Vangsness still discovering her sexuality, previously lesbian actress now dating man

HitBerryPublished on   04 Oct, 2015Updated on   10 Sep, 2017

Kirsten Simone Vangsness, professionally known as Kirsten Vangsness, is an American writer and actress. No doubt, her professional life is successful, and she is climbing the ladder of success. 

But while speaking about the personal life, Criminal Mind actress Kirsten Vangsness, came out as queer a few years back, is still discovering her sexuality. So, what's the story behind it? Check it out:

Kirsten Vangsness still discovering her sexuality

This previously lesbian actress, who dated film and television editor Melanie Goldstein, is now dating actor/writer Keith Hanson. Wait, what??!!

Vangsness once said that she is "as queer as a purple unicorn singing Madonna." She came out as a lesbian, and the Criminal Minds star was madly in love with her former girlfriend.


Keith Hanson and Kirsten Vangsness Keith Hanson and Kirsten Vangsness    Source: peopledotcom

After dating for several years, the couple became engaged. But unfortunately, their relationship ended, and they separated in 2013 without getting married. That must have been sad to break up with her to-be wife. Now, there is news of her dating a boy. So, was she previously confused about her sexuality or she is now?

In the interview, the actress stated how she had started the relationship with Hanson and how she was trying to examine and figure out several aspects of her sexuality. Once, there were rumors regarding her relationship with Shemar Moore.

The previously lesbian actress now dating a man?

After her split with her partner, the actress stayed single for two years. But, it later came to the media attention that she had started seeing a man. While in an interview with, the blonde beauty, aged 43 revealed that she had hooked up with a male partner. She has a boyfriend guys!!

Kirsten Vangsness Kirsten Vangsness

When asked by the interviewer, if she was had any time for fun besides her work, she replied:

“My boyfriend and I are going to go on a meditation retreat at the end of April. That’ll be fun.”

And that’s when the word ‘boyfriend’ popped in. When she said it, we all went in a state a shock. But Vangsness went on explaining, and that’s when things became clear. She explained:

“I fell in love with this guy, which is the craziest thing and was engaged to a woman. I was perfectly comfortable and happy with the nature of our relationship, but sometimes relationships fall apart,”

Kirsten Vangsness and Keith Hanson Kirsten Vangsness and Keith Hanson   Source: twimg

She furthermore added:

“The last thing I would’ve thought was that I would meet a guy and fall in love. But I did it. That has been an interesting thing. It’s like discovering new parts of my sexuality, I guess, so I’ve been figuring that out, which is fun and interesting,”

Well that’s weird, isn’t it? She even explained about how it's strange for her to claim about her sexuality. She previously revealed about being gay and now opens up for being straight. Now, her millions of fans are quite curious regarding her sexuality.

She added: “

Not that it’s anyone’s business, but it’s also important, I think, to normalize those things. Just make them normal because they’re not a big deal. Love is wonderful, and it’s wonderful to love people. Who it is, to me, is not a big issue. So I’ve been enjoying that. I’m probably going to get a new rescue cat. Just exciting stuff like that.”

Wow! So Kirsten is very open and honest about her feelings. And we appreciate that a lot. She can be an inspiration for those who seek to understand their bisexuality but fail to do so because of utter confusion and fear of coming out of the shell.

The actress, who surprised all her fans through heavy weight loss, is pretty happy with her new boyfriend and we hope that she would soon tie the knot to her future husband. The couple got engaged in November 2015.

Kirsten is quite active on Twitter, and she has the net worth of $3 million. Now, she looks more sexy and beautiful after the weight loss.