Colin Kaepernick Lawyers Sued Roger Goodell’s Wife And Papa Jones’s Founder John Schnatter

February 14, 2018
First Published On: February 14, 2018
by arjun

Lawyers for Colin Kaepernick sued NFL Roger Goodell’s wife Jane Skinner and Papa Jones founder John Schnatter seeking deposition.


Colin Kaepernick’s attorneys are working to collect evidence of collusion by the NFL to kick him out of the league, as he filed the grievance against the NFL in October. It is not yet clear who will be compelled to make the deposit as the grievance process unfolds according to the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement.  


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Stephen Burbank who is a University of Pennsylvania law school professor is appointed to defeat the Kaepernick's legal team. Now the Kaepernick team should produce the evidence and convinced that the league conspires him to keep out of the league.  

John Schnatter who is also a founder of the Papa Jones was fired from the CEO post when he blamed the NFL player and leadership weakness for his business disappointing sales. The whole situation took place when QB Kaepernick kneeled during the national anthem.

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The deposition list also includes the NFL commissioner’s wife Jane Skinner after numerous document, phone records & e-mail were collected by the Kaepernick legal team from NFL officials. Skinner accepted in October that she used a twitter account using a false name to fire comments against the journalist commenting negative tweet against her husband Roger Goodell.